ABB Robotics to host Welding Automation Technology Week event in Brampton

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The ABB Robotics Welding Automation Technology Week event, to be held February 28-March 2nd, will include guest speakers, workshops, and live demos. PHOTO courtesy ABB Robotics.

ABB Robotics Canada has announced its inaugural Welding Automation Technology Week, February 28-March 2nd, at its robotics office in Brampton, Ont. It will be the company’s first in-person event of 2023.

“Welding Automation Technology Week aims to further your discovery of how advancements in welding, and robotic automation can support your team’s next weld project. Gain insights and valuable knowledge through talks from industry professionals, interactive workshops, live demos and running cells, robotics training centre tours, and chats with a team of local ABB weld experts with over 71 years of combined welding experience and knowledge,” ABB Robotics Canada says in a release. “Our team looks forward to joining together weld reliant businesses, and industry professionals with passion to share insights on emerging weld trends and innovative technology. Together, inspiring the continued learning and success of the welding industry.”

The list of speakers at the event include:

Max Ceron, Director, Canadian Welding Bureau Association, CWB Group, on “how automation in manufacturing is key to supporting and growing our communities.”

Tom Fuhlbrigge, Founder & CEO, Scalable Robotics, will be presenting on “scalable robotics, A.I enabled, CAD free, point and click robotic welding solutions.” 

Josh Williamson, Global Product Manager, Joining & Positioners, ABB, will speak about “trends in collaborative robot welding applications and increasing end-user workforce capacity with ABB’s simplified user interface.”

There are several workshops planned as well. These include:

RobotStudio for Welding

Live demonstration of RobotStudio and the ArcWeld PowerPac. Step-by-step instructions to offline programming of specific welding applications. This workshop will discuss and demonstrate the ease of programming Arc Weld instructions and weld paths using RobotStudio and the ArcWeld PowerPac addin. You will learn how using standard CAD geometry tools and point and click methods make programming your next weld project quick and easy in the graphical interface of the ABB Robotstudio® software. Create and program your next weld project offline and increase cell uptime and productivity using RobotStudio®. 

Weld Sensing and Tracking

Live demonstration of tactile sensing, ABB’s WeldGuide IV, and laser seam tracking in ABB’s Weld Lab. This workshop will discuss and demonstrate the various tools to deal with welding product variation. Sensing devices to detect location features range from tactile touch style to active wire and laser based. We will also show tracking technologies such as “through-the-arc” and optical laser to offset pre-programmed paths. A combination of these tools can be helpful with part variations for your ABB robotics welding systems.

Spot Weld Gun Setup

Live demonstration of Spot Gun set-up, including servo-tuning, and SpotWare configurations in ABB’s Weld Lab.This workshop is a hands-on experience with the Servo Gun Setup tool where you will learn to use the menu driven software tool to setup, configure and tune the gun for your spot weld application and your process requirements. The demonstration will include all the necessary steps to get a functional gun, and include an overview of Robotware Spot, the process control software in the IRC5 robot controller to complete the entire Spot Application.

Live demos and cells are also planned, including:

FlexArc Dual

  • ABB’s welding workhorse – FlexArc-Dual IRB1660ID
  • Full function demo cell with cleaning station Bullseye, safety, and operation

Cobot Welding

  • GoFa weld table package
  • Demonstration on operation and programming technique with easy teach device

Weld Lab

  • ABB Canada’s fully equipped weld lab
  • Full functioning arc and spot-welding capabilities 
  • Multitude of weld peripherals including weld tracking, joint and seam finding with external axis

Non-Weld Demos & Cells

  • ABB Education Package, SC3000 – Machine Tool Tending, GoFa with Apera 3D Vision, FP100 – Flexible Feeder, FlexPicker Cell with IRB390

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] or call 905-460-3444.

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