High precision plasma sources

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Thermal Dynamics Automation has launched the new UC Series of high-precision automated plasma sources, an updated version of its Ultra-Cut XT systems.

The series features a modernized inverter block with advanced power switching components and a new cabinet design with an LED strip for rapid assessment of machine status. The UC Series features four models, all rated at 100 per cent duty cycle: the UC 131 (130A), UC 201 (200A), UC 301 (300A) and UC 401 (400A).

“Over the last two years, we made so many incremental improvements to cut faster, better and smarter that it warranted rebranding our high-precision automated plasma systems as the UC Series,” says Dirk Ott, VP – Global Plasma Automation, Thermal Dynamics. “For example, two UC 201, UC 301 or UC 401 can now be connected double cutting output to 400, 600 or 800 amps, respectively, or they can operate independently.”

Target applications for this new capability, which is similar to paralleling welders, include fabricators and steel services centres that use two torches on the same gantry and want to increase cutting speeds on steel plates up to 2 in. (50 mm) thick. It also lets fabricators cut stainless steel and aluminum sections up to 6.25 in. (160 mm) for applications in the power generation, pressure vessel, chemical and petrochemical processing industries. To double a torch’s cutting output, users need to change the SpeedLok consumables cartridge, which takes less than a minute.

“This new capability features modest software and hardware enhancements, but the challenge was developing the new 600A and 800A consumables for stainless steel and aluminum that fit into same footprint as our existing SpeedLok consumables,” says Ott.

The UC 131 features new consumables and is optimized for piercing and cutting 3/4 in. (20 mm) steel, stainless and aluminum. It covers the majority of high precision cutting applications at an aggressive price point, and it offers a good retrofit opportunity for older 100A systems. Compared to the previous Ultra-Cut 100 XT, it offers 30 per cent more power, 20 percent faster cutting speed and 50 percent longer parts life when cutting at 130A on mild steel. The UC 131 cuts 3/4 in. steel at 52 IPM (20 mm at 1321 mm/min) and 1/2 in. steel at 85 IPM (12 mm at 2159 mm/min).

Other improvements to the UC high precision systems to boost performance and quality:

Bevel wear parts. The 100A to 400A consumables cartridges are now all the same length for easier setup when beveling cutting. Previously, different cartridge lengths required more extensive programming. Users can cut bevel angles up to 45 degrees on material thickness from 1/4 to 2 in. (6 to 50mm).

New bevel angle data makes it easier to program OEM CNCs to cut the following bevel angles: V bevel top, Y bevel top, X bevel, V bevel bottom, Y bevel bottom and K bevel.

Use of existing parts for underwater cutting, which reduces smoke and glare to create a better working environment.

Improved XT torch head provides better parts alignment to reduce variations between cut sides for better tolerances.

QuickPierce consumables offer better 300 A and 400A piercing performance, reducing piercing time by up to 40 per cent on mild steel thicknesses ranging from 1 to 2 in. (25 to 50 mm).

New 200A HeavyCut consumables for 200A oxygen plasma applications to provide better cut quality and substantially longer parts life. HeavyCut consumables were previously available for 300A and 400A systems.

Optional EtherCat and wireless connection capabilities to be ready for Industry 4.0EtherCat delivers faster connection to a CNC for uploading and downloading data. With a wireless connection, installations on robotic applications are easier and system can be remotely controlled.

New 230V, 600V transformer options. The UC 131, UC 201 and UC 301 are now available for connecting to 208/230V 3ph primary power. All systems are available for connecting to 380V, 400V, 480V or 600V 3ph primary.

New three-year warranty on all models.

Thermal Dynamics.

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