CWB Group promotes the welding trade through education, Welding Industry Day

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Education and welding trades promotion is a crucial, ongoing part of the CWB Group’s mandate and last December, CWB held two events to help support the growth of the welding indusstry in Canada.

Welding Education

On December 11, 2019, the CWB Group, in partnership with UA Canada, celebrated the completion of a 10-week Acorn program for the Welding Apprenticeship Level 1 course at UA Local 67 through its trade school called the Technical Trades Academy (TTA). t

Students, CWB Group members and instructors alike did a roundtable discussion on what the students enjoyed most about the course. As the first pilot program, students and instructors were encouraged to provide feedback because one of the exciting features of Acorn is that the curriculum is updated frequently throughout the year, meaning that suggestions for improvement are always welcome and will be implemented by the team at CWB Group.

Acorn UA Local 67 Class graduates

Some of the students were extremely excited to share their thoughts and comments on the programming with one student sharing that throughout his career, he has done a lot of CWB testing and wouldn’t be where he is today without the stringent standards that have been set in place by the CWB Group. He admitted school was a continuous struggle, but after enrolling in our pilot program, he found the interactivity and visual focus of Acorn to be extremely beneficial to his learning. He likes being able to see what he’s building and welding and has thoroughly enjoyed all that Acorn has offered him as a student.

Dale McGavin left and Ian Campbell CWB Groups director of product development and new ventures at the UA Local 67 event

“The accessibility was huge for me; being able to access the curriculum through my phone or laptop at home. Although the manual notes are great in class, being able to access it anywhere and everywhere was something that I really appreciated,” shared another future graduate. In speaking to the students at the event, it was clear that they were thoroughly impressed with Acorn and welding as a trade and are excited to complete their Welding Apprenticeship Levels 2 and 3, which was a great accomplishment for both UA Local 67 and CWB Group.

CWB Group and UA Canada have dedicated their organizational efforts to bringing awareness to the trades and encourage young people to consider them as viable career options. Partnerships such as these and the success we experienced in this pilot program are the reason that we continue to drive engagement towards welding and invest in its future. “I’d like to thank you all for picking welding as a trade,” said Ian Campbell, Director of Product Development at CWB Group, in his closing remarks. “You are going to be a group of people that are going to be very much in demand in the future.”

Welding Industry Day

On December 18, 2019, the CWB Group followed up its efforts with a Welding Industry Day at Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek Campus. 

Welding Industry Day

The event was designed to encourage youth considering welding as a career and for the CWB Group to gain input on industry needs for future initiatives.

In addition to the attendance of high school students who gained some insights on opportunities in welding, the event included a roundtable discussion with members of industry, government and colleges.

CWB Group plans to hold similar events across Canada, includig Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Moncton and Halifax.

For details on upcoming welding events, visit CWB Group online.


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