CanWeld 2016 takes place at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, in Edmonton, AB, October 4 and 5.Click image to enlargeCanWeld 2016 is a premier conference and exhibition for Canada’s fabricating and welding industries

Canada’s metal fabricating and welding markets have undergone many changes in recent years including the introduction of a larger educational conference and exhibition, CanWeld 2016, which takes place October 4 and 5 in Edmonton, AB.

CanWeld 2016 is an expanded version of the well-known conference, which now includes the addition of a trade show, CanWeld Expo.

Event organizers–the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Group, and its affiliates, the Canadian Welding Association (CWA) and
the Canadian Welding Association Foundation, along with media events partner dmg events–wanted to create a more comprehensive event for attendees.

“For the past five years, we’ve run a successful conference, but it was quite targeted and technical, and attendance was typically under 200 people each year,” says Ian Campbell, director of marketing and product development with the CWB Group in Milton, ON. “Recognizing that 90 per cent of everything that is manufactured has a weld in it, we wanted to create an event that encompasses the broader manufacturing community. The people and companies that cut and bend parts also typically weld them too, so welding is a principal part of any kind of fabricated product.”

Campbell says the CWB Group decided to expand the event to create a unique Canadian event “that unifies the country.” To create such an event, it joined up with dmg events, which produces and runs trades shows, including the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, AB. Nick Samain, CanWeld 2016 event director and vice president of dmg events, says he’s confident CanWeld will become the premier Canadian event for Canada’s metal fabricating and welding community.

“dmg brings in about 70,000 people through our doors through the various events that we organize throughout the year and it’s not a far reach for us to reach out to them. And with CWB Group’s 60,000-plus members coast to coast, we have a real captive audience for CanWeld 2016.”

Campbell and Samain concur that part of what makes CanWeld unique is its national scope. The annual event will rotate between locations in Western and Eastern Canada. CanWeld 2017 will take place in Montreal, QC, September 12 and 13. For more details about the conference, visit

Event Highlights
Attendees will have the opportunity to see, hear, learn and enjoy varied events at the exhibition and the conference. Those attending CanWeld Expo will see products and technologies from more than 150 suppliers to the metal fabricating and welding industries. The exhibition will include a hands-on tech demo zone, and a skills competition for the best fabricating and welding. Organizers have also set up a dedicated meeting space on the shop floor for pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings for attendees to meet and discuss their needs with exhibitors.

The comprehensive conference offers more than 60 presentations from industry leaders and CWB Group networking dinners, the annual Industry Night Dinner and the annual Foundation Gala organized by the CWA Foundation.

Campbell says CWB Group has expanded the conference to reflect the needs of the manufacturing community.

“As much as everyone wants to know about the latest and greatest technology, they also want to know how to keep their businesses running successfully, so we’ve introduced business sessions for this reason.”

CanWeld will also be the launch point for the Canadian Fabrication Capacity Network (CFCN), a matchmaking service that brings people in need of manufacturing services with those offering such services.

“We want to connect businesses from different regions so that business stays in Canada. Anyone who attends the conference can register their company and also search the online database.” SMT

CanWeld 2016 At-a-Glance
October 4 & 5

Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Edmonton, AB

Expo Hours:
October 4: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
October 5: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Conference Hours:
October 4 & 5: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Track 1
Techniques, equipment and practical solutions

Track 2
Techniques, equipment and practical solutions

Track 3
Business of Welding/Fabricating
Finance, insurance, quality management, supply chain, codes and standards

Track 4
Education, Employment and Recruiting
Training/retraining methodologies, skills assessments, recruiting strategies

Track 5
Finishing and Inspection
Finishing techniques and coating, quality control, material inspection

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