Fronius PullMig welding torchClick image to enlargeThe PullMig welding torch from Fronius for push-pull welding weighs 1,600 grams, but is robust; it can survive a fall from three meters, competely unscathed.

 The new push-pull welding torch from Fronius is an impressive 600 grams lighter than its predecessor. Weighing just 400 g more than a standard push welding torch, it delivers impressive performance benefits. The main element of the decreased weight is the motor for the pull unit which is housed in the torch handle and was co-developed by Fronius. Not only is the brushless servomotor considerably more dynamic, it enables more precise control than the standard DC motors which used to be common in the industry and is also significantly more compact with a longer service life. If that's not enough, the motor has also been equipped with actual value pick-up for the first time and it is connected to the power source via a high-speed bus. This means that synchronisation of the two PushPull system wirefeeder motors, which was previously carried out manually, is now fully automatic.

Thanks to device IDs, the power source independently detects the type of welding torch in use and determines whether calibration is required. Furthermore, both drive rollers of the new PullMig are powered in the handle. Together with a special contour, this ensures that the system securely grips the wire and transports it through the push unit. To thread the wire, it is no longer necessary to open the welding torch or the drive rollers. All of this makes the PullMig from Fronius the first welding torch that is as easy to handle as a simple push welding torch.

By extending the cooling ducts in the direction of the contact tip and providing additional cooling of the external sleeve along with a screwed rather than plugged-in gas shroud, it has been possible to considerably increase the cooling capacity of the PullMig welding torch. In addition, the multi-lock connection features an integrated water stop. This prevents the cooling water from escaping when the torch neck is changed while also closing the cooling circuit so that water can continue to be cooled in the circuit.

Fronius has also achieved additional cost savings in relation to the inner liners: a clamp system built into the torch body and improved clamping elements mean that inner liners can be changed without tools and unassembled inner liners can be used (by the metre). To ensure maximum precision during wire feeding, inner liners which match the diameter of the wire used are also now used in the hosepack. Identification of the corresponding wire guiding system parts is simplified thanks to consistent colour coding.

The welding torches, which are designed to be operated with a welding power of up to max. 280 A (40 per cent D.C.) for gas cooling and 320 A (100 per cent D.C.) for water cooling, are available now and can be ordered as versions without additional functions (standard) or with remote control (Up/Down and/or JobMaster function) in the handle.


Saw and track system for cutting pressure vessels

A saw and track system for cutting pressure vessels up to 60” in diameter in preparation for hydrostatic testing and complete fabrication is being introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

FABTECH 2014: Thermal cutting with automatic slag removal

Exhibitor: Koike Aronson    Booth: C-2914

Turning with a stronger corner radius

Indexable turning inserts from Walter are designed for applications where a soft cut and high precision is required.

Abrasive wheel oscillation system

Kalamazoo Industries has developed a new abrasive wheel oscillation system called Tru Arc oscillation.

High-capacity work changer for vertical machining centre

The VARIAXIS i-300 simultaneous five-axis vertical machining center from Mazak has received a boost in flexibility and efficiency with the addition of the VARIAXIS i-300 high-capacity auto work changer.

Task based robot programming platform

Hypertherm is launching Robotmaster V7, a task-based robot programming platform based on a new architecture.

New angle grinders with 20% higher power

Fuji Air Tools, has launched a new series of 7 in. angle grinders with 1800 W/2.4 hp output – 20 per cent higher than alternative grinders in the same class, claims the company.

3D laser metal fusion printer

TRUMPF has introduced the TruPrint 1000, a 3D printer with laser metal fusion (LMF) technology.

Master annular cutter kit for HMD130 magnetic drill

Hougen Manufacturing has released a new annular cutter kit, The RotaLoc Plus Master Kit.

Parts manufacturing metrology software

NC-PerfectPart, developed by MSP, a Renishaw associate company, eliminates parts manufacturing problems typically discovered at final inspection.

High density welding robot

Motoman VA1400 II is a new seven axis welding robot for high density layouts developed by Yaskawa Motoman.

Easy-to-use on-machine probing apps

Renishaw has extended its range of on-machine probing apps for CNC machine tools. 

Enhanced LiveArc reality-based training for welding

Miller has enhanced its LiveArc reality-based training system with features designed to further advance students’ welding skills—quickly and efficiently.

21 pallet RPS for horizontal machining centres

Doosan Machine Tools' multi-level RPS (Rotary Pallet System) works with Doosan’s NHP Series horizontal machining centres, specifically the NHP 4000 and NHP 5000.

Thread forming tap optimized for automotive applications

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new thread forming tap optimized for ISO P steel machining.

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