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The Flextec 650 multi-process welder from Lincoln Electric delivers up to 650 amps of welding power. 

Its Flexible Technology allows welders to use a variety of processes – stick, Touch Start TIG (DC), MIG, flux-cored and arc gouging–on numerous applications, including heavy equipment and transportation, construction and welding education.

The inverter-based Flextec 650 is rated a t 650 amps at 100 per cent duty cycle with a robust amperage range of 10-815 amps, all while weighing only 165 lb in a case size of only 21.83 in. high by 16.3 wide x 29.33 deep. Lincoln Electric Ready-Pak and One-Pak packages configured with popular Lincoln Electric wire feeders and accessories are structured for easy ordering. Job site-ready rack packages are also set for release. 

Built with quality and reliability in mind, the Flextec 650’s features include the following:

  • Flexible multi-process capability for handling the widest range of welding applications
  • Low power consumption results in operating cost savings
  • Lighter in weight for enhanced portability
  • Selectable hot start for extra starting amperage
  • Faster arc response with variable arc control
  • Remote control operated by a foot pedal or hand control up to 100 ft. away

The Flextec 650 is IP23 and Desert Duty rated, meaning it can operate in extreme field environments. Welding outputs are rated for extreme temperature operation up to 55° C. Tough PC boards stand up to dust and humidity, while the Fan-As-Needed™ feature reduces power consumption, dirt intake and damaging thermal cycling.

 Lincoln Electric

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