Miller's multi-purpose welder, Dimension 650Click image to enlargeMiller Electric has introduced a new multi-purpose welder designed to withstand harsh environments, the Dimension 650.

Described by Miller as a compact and energy efficient machine, it features a corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum case to protect against the environment and a protection input inductor that protects against "dirty power" commonly found on jobs. This prevents power fluctuations from affecting performance or reliability, claims Miller.

The company's Wind Tunnel Technology directs internal airflow to protect sensitive electronic components from dirt, dust and debris. A Fan-on-Demand feature operates only when needed, reducing noise, power consumption and the amount of airborne contaminants that are pulled through the machine. 

The Dimension 650 features high electrical efficiency that allows for more welding using 32 per cent less power. Its full-load welding draws fewer than 50 amps of power, so the machine can function properly in a wider variety of locations.

The machine's gouging mode provides 800 amps of usable power. A full 650 amps of power at 100 percent duty cycle makes the Dimension 650 ideal for heavy gouging with 3/8-in. carbons and the exceptional short-arc MIG performance offers the necessary precision for welding of thin metals — with less risk of distortion or burn-through. The machine also provides excellent Stick and Lift-Arc TIG welding capabilities, and easier fine-tuning of the arc makes superior performance possible even on tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications. A Subarc (SAW) mode provides capability to retrofit into non-digital Subarc applications and a Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) mode provides reliable welding performance for wires commonly found in infrastructure construction.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Fume extraction at the source

Translas has released two new fume extractors to reduce welders’ exposure to hazardous fumes and provide a healthier, safer work environment.

Going places: Aerospace Manufacturing

by Andrew Brooks

Opportunities in Canada’s aerospace market

Versatile contouring control

The TNC 320 from Heidenhain is the newest software for the compact but versatile contouring control. It sports a three axes plus spindle with the possibility of adding an additional axis, and is a suitable control for universal milling, drilling and boring machines.

Robotic MIG Guns

by Adam Dagenais

What you should know about robotic MIG gun clutches

CAD/CAM software for multi axis precision laser systems

Prima Power Laserdyne has released FastTrim CAD/CAM software for use with its multi axis precision laser processing systems.

Fast production hybrid press brake

The EVO II is a fast production hybrid press brake available from Ferric Machinery.

Twin turret grinder with unique configuration

Fives has launched its newest grinder series, the Landis Twin Turret (LTT) second generation machines designed for grinding challenging materials and geometries.

Integrated contouring head for multi-tasking

Fives Group has introduced a new integrated contouring head for its Cincinnati six axis Mega 800 HMC.

Welding: Stuck on Stick

by Nestor Gula

Stick welding is the oldest and most common welding procedure, and it will be with us for a long time

Flexible panel bender

An ideal batch production machine, the brand new, stand-alone P2lean panel bender from Salvagnini also has the capacity to seamlessly switch from batch, to kit, or to single piece part production whenever required. This is undoubtedly one versatile machine no shop should be without.

10 kW fiber laser

Coherent has launched a 10 kW fiber laser that is part of its HighLight product family. The series are high power fiber, direct diode and fiber couploed diode laser for industrial materials processing applications.

Tube measurement software with unique license

Hexagon's much-anticipated update to tube design, analysis and production platform TubeShaper delivers important new functionalities to customers in tube and pipe manufacturing. 

Deposition rates of 60 lb/hr

Lincoln Electric has introduced a self-propelled modular CruiserTractor designed for increased mobility and equipped with operator-friendly features for longitudinal submerged arc welding applications common in bridge and barge decking, large tank fabrication and shipbuilding.

Lincoln Electric portable wire feeder

Lincoln Electric has announced the Activ8x Pipe portable wire feeder, an addition to the Activ8X line of field-ready wire feeders.

Feds invest $49 billion for aerospace innovation

The Federal Government of Canada is investing $49 billion in aerospace innovation to support competitiveness in the sector.

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