Miller Welding IntelligenceClick image to enlargeMiller Electric Mfg. Co. has expanded its Welding Intelligence welding information management software to multiple power sources, including the Continum MIG welder, Dynasty 280 DX TIG welder, PipeWorx 400 welding system and SubArc digital series.

 Miller Welding Intelligence is a category of active and passive software that transforms data into meaningful insights and actionable information to drive continuous improvements in the welding operation. The focus of these solutions is to help increase productivity, improve quality and manage costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Complete fleet coverage: Solutions available for new and existing Miller equipment, as well as non-Miller machines.
  • Complete application coverage: MIG, TIG, pipe and submerged arc machines now available with Welding Intelligence solutions.
  • Scalable solutions: The choice of simple passive systems or more sophisticated active systems.

For example, Insight Core monitors, collects and rapidly transmits electronic weld data to any Web-connected device, whereas Insight Centerpoint is an advance solution that provides real-time operator feedback and process control. ARCAgent, from the recent IMPACT Engineering acquisition, allows customers with mixed power source fleets to implement Welding Intelligence solutions on non-Miller machines.

Insight Centerpoint has been upgraded to Centerpoint 9.0 software. This software offers feature improvements, such as a new Library Manager tool that better organizes weldment drawings and photos, and a more visual dashboard layout with speedometer-style performance indicators. Insight Centerpoint 9.0 also offers a persistent operating system that automatically picks up in sequence where the operator left off, following a power cycle. Other improvements include:

  • Smart Part Tracking: This feature calculates the deposition required for the weld when the welding operator enters a weld symbol and fillet size, helping ensure consistent weld quality.
  • Standard AWS weld symbols: These provide annotation of the weldment to help save production and planning time. Previous versions required these to be created individually by the customer.
  • Codes and Standards module: Captures required information relating actual welding parameters to a specific welding operator, contract, joint and weld pass to ensure productivity and quality requirements are met.
Modular dust collectors maximize floor space

The Farr Gold Series industrial dust collectors from Camfil APC have been designed to remove hazardous and nuisance dusts from factories while occupying the smallest possible floor space.

Pull out protection system with special drive keys

The Safe-Lock pull out protection system from HAIMER ensures safe cutting tool clamping.

Iscar’s die and mould making solutions

For any cutting tool manufacturer, die and mould making is a highly important customer segment.

Zero point clamping system

Röhm has introduced the Easylock zero point clamping system.

HMC for complex large part machining

Kitamura's new Mycenter-HX800G horizontal machining center delivers precision, accuracy and repeatability required to produce close tolerance parts from the toughest of materials, says the company.

Fiber laser with 6G of acceleration

The Eagle iNspire fiber laser machine available in Canada from Paramount Machinery, offers fast cutting speeds and the latest in machine tool technologies, according to the builder.

Advanced welder training

Lincoln Electric's RealWeld Advanced Trainer gives students and prospective employees a live-arc, multi-sensory learning experience that merges actual welding with advanced motion tracking technology.

Thread milling NC code generator software

OSG has released ThreadPro, the company’s latest thread milling NC code generator software.

New insert grade offers increased tool life at high speeds

Walter has introduced the Walter Tiger-tec Silver WPPO5S, a wear resistant indexable insert grade that the company says delivers high performance and maxiumum productivity in steel machining, particularly in roughing forced components and in long production runs.

Large format plate laser cutting

The Lasertex series from Koike Aronson is a large format plate cutting laser system for oversized parts for industries such as mining, energy, construction, military vehicles, agriculture and shipbuilding.

Metalworking duct collector

The Craftex CX series dust collector collects chips and abrasive dust from belt and disc produced during cutting, finishing and grinding operations.

Indicators support special measurements

Mitutoyo Corp. has introduced three newly designed special functionality type digitmatic indicators that feature what the company describes as improved operability and ease of use.

Grinding wheels provide edge stability

Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ new Norton Winter V-PRIME grinding wheels provide excellent edge stability and long life when gashing and clearance-grinding round tools.

Ultra low profile mag drill

Hougen has introduced an ultra low profile lighweight and compact magnetic drill, the HMD130.

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