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Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new AlumaFeed 450MPa is the dedicated aluminum machine built-in synergic or standard Pulsed MIG capabilities and designed with power to raise the bar, while still affording out-of-the box performance and ease of use in a package that in aluminum exclusive design.

The AlumaFeed 450 MPa is said to be a powerful solution that features Auto-Line power management technology for dirty or unreliable input power situations. The invert arc control technology is matched with a higher duty cycle machine for better performance. The extra power is the answer for larger diameter 1/16” wires and thicker material applications and rated at 450 Amps at 100 per cent duty cycle to support those applications.

The AlumaPower 450 MPa synergic power supply (an 80-lb. inverter with an output of 5 to 600 amps/10 to 38 volts and built-in programs for 4000 and 5000 Series aluminum) incorporates Miller’s newest generation of software and controls which together provide operators with greater weld puddle control and arc stability. To ensure reliability and quality in industrial applications, Miller uses primary power management and conversation technology (AutoLine) the same found in its XMT 450 inverter (which is regarded as one of the most reliable welders available).

The AlumaPower 450 MPa is optimized when you match Pulsed MIG welds through synergic operation with the XR- AlumaFeed push-pull wire feeder and an XR-Aluma-Pro  OR XRTM-Pistol Grip push-pull welding gun.

The AlumaPower 450 MPa is said to afford exceptional electrical efficiency; at 400 amps, efficiency is 87.24 per cent, 350 amps of welding output at 60 per cent duty cycle with superior low-end aluminum welding performance. The Power factor of .95 enables smaller fuses/ breakers and primary wiring. Primary amperage draw at rated output is claimed to be 25 per cent less than the competition.

Miller Electric

Damping system eliminates vibration in deep hole boring

BIG Kaiser's new EWN and EWD Smart Damper are precision boring heads with a damping system that eliminates vibration in deep hole finish boring.

Customize measurement configurations

Dual optical systems and touch-probe capability help the AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System from L.S. Starrett Co., measure parts with a diverse range of feature sizes and geometries.

Wilson launches new thick turret style tooling

Wilson Tool International has introduced iSeries, the company’s new line of thick turret tooling designed to be fully compatible with the Amada ID Tooling System (AITS™) tool management system.

Roughing and finishing stainless with one milling tool

Fast and reliable milling of stainless steel, titanium, heat resistant alloys or even CrCo- alloys is a big challenge for many manufacturers and Mikron Tool has launched CrazyMill Cool a product family that promises a solution in a diameter range from 0.3 mm (.012 in.) to 8 mm (.315 in.), claims the company.

Seamless finishing wheels leave no transition lines

Superior Abrasives’ Shur-Brite mounted seamless satin finishing wheels have a seamless structure for de-polishing and matte finishing without harsh and visible transition lines.

Additive SLM machine with 12 lasers

SLM Solutions’ new NXG XII 600 selective laser melting machine is equipped with 12 lasers and a cubed build envelope of 600x600x600 mm.

New generation electrode welding system

Whether in mechanical engineering and plant construction, in steel, metal and portal construction, in metalworking and forging or in workshops, many users depend on mobile welding systems which deliver outstanding results with different types of electrodes, even in harsh operating conditions. Fronius has developed such a solution with the TransPocket 150 and the TransPocket 180, the new generation of their single-phase stick (SMAW) welding system.

Stringer bead with 3 x longer life for weld cleanup applications

Osborn has introduced a new TufBrush four in. stringer bead with up to three times longer life for weld cleanup applications, including root and hot pass, surface preparation, pipe joining and other applications.

Polish and deburr many material types

Bel Air’s centrifugal disc finishers polish and deburr a wide range of materials including brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, kovar and titanium, eliminating 80 per cent of handwork and producing five times the output of hand deburring. 

More flute options for Seco high feed end mill

Seco has expanded the high feed machining applicability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid carbide end mill with new four and five flute options. The additional flutes allow part manufacturers to achieve maximum productivity when performing face, slot and select plunge milling operations, says the company.

New copy milling cutter for tough materials

Walter has introduced the M2471, a copy milling cutter with excellent cost efficiency thanks to its high metal removal rate -- even on low performance machines, coupled with lower cutting material costs resulting from its eight cutting edges (four per side) per insert, according to the company.

Press brake tooling for most press brakes

Bystronic’s press brake technology is available in virtually any press brake you currently use with its extended line of press brake tooling, claims the company.

New solid carbide milling cutters from Walter

Walter has added to its range of solid carbide milling cutters with the introduction of its MC232 Perform product line. This versatile, cost effective new cutter type is available with two, three or four flutes, in a diameter range of 2 to 20 mm (1/8 to 5/8 in.).

Drilling and turning tools

Tungaloy has unveiled the TungBoreMini multifunctional drilling and turning tool line.

The Temperature Effect in Turning

After researching and studying the influence of coolant on its inserts, Iscar has launched new and groundbreaking cooling technologies in turning operations.

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