ABB Robotics Weldguide IV

July 17, 2016

ABB Robotics' Weldguide IV is a powerful Thru-Arc tracking sensor based on patented technology and designed for ABB robotic welding systems. It's designed to track difficult welding joint variations resulting from cast components or other pre-process problems.

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Prima Power's Laser Next, a 3D laser system for automotive production

July 8, 2016

Prima Power's Laser Next is the new generation of 3D laser cutting systems for automotive production.

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Okuma and 5ME demonstrate cryogenic machining on an Okuma HMC

June 30, 2016

5ME and Okuma demonstrate cryogenic machining on an Okuma MA-600H II horizontal machining centre. The suppliers say the process offers up to five times increased processing speed and decreased tool wear.

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Lincoln Electric Tech Tip: welding thin aluminum

June 17, 2016

Thin aluminum can be difficult to weld, but with the proper settings and procedure your TIG welds will turn out perfectly. In this video, Wyatt Swaim shows you how to weld 6061 aluminum using a Lincoln Electric Invertex V205-T.

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TRUMPF TruBend Center

June 11, 2016

TRUMPF's TruBend Center in action. TruBend machines incorporate a wealth of experience in press brake technology coupled with pioneering innovations. They enable you to fabricate parts in any format, from the simplest to the most complex, precisely and cost-effectively. TruBend machines are above all renowned for their flexibility, finished part quality, and a high cost-benefit ratio. 

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DMG MORI Ultrasonic grinding milling and drilling

June 5, 2016

DMG MORI's Ultrasonic technology enables manufacturers to machine complex workpiece geometries in demanding high tech materials economically, claims the company.

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KUKA robotic smart factory display at Hannover Fair 2016

May 13, 2016

The KUKA booth at Hannover Fair 2016 where visitors learned about smart factories, connecting robots and other automation equipment to the cloud, the benefits of machine learning and big data for optimized production, new easier robot programming methods, flexible methods of matrixed production, as well as some new KUKA robots and how it all fits into the 4th industrial revolution - Industry 4.0.

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Mate Precision Tooling's CleanBend forming technology

May 7, 2016

Mate Precision Tooling's CleanBend forming technology press brake tooling produces clean bends with minimal to no marking of the sheet metal, claims the company. The technology uses rotating supports within the tooling for higher precision bending. It can bend short flanges, bend a flange to a diagonal sharp or across existing holes or bend delicate and polished materials.

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Sandvik Coromant explores the impact of tomorrow's materials on the future of industrial design

May 1, 2016

Sandvik Coromant's "Looking ahead 4: Tomorrow's materials explories future materials and how they may revolutionize industrial deisgns of the future.

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Robotic arc welding tracking: ABB's WeldGuide is a combined process control and "through the arc" adaptive seam tracking system integrated into the robot controller

April 15, 2016


ABB's WeldGuide is a combined process control and “Through the Arc” adaptive seam tracking system integrated into the robot controller.

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Wilson Tool Multi Bend Tooling

April 10, 2016


Wilson Tool demonstrates its tooling for multi bends.

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Messe plasma fiber machine

April 7, 2016

The MetalMaster Xcel high performance plasma/fiber laser machine from Messer Cutting Systems features state-of-the-art industry leading traversing speeds of 3000 IPM, robust design, high acceleration drives, along with multi-tool capability including plasma beveling, oxyfuel cutting, combination plasma/fiber laser combination cutting and drilling coupled with OmniWin software.

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Iscar JetCut parting insert with a coolant hole that passes through the insert

April 1, 2016

The new JET HP line from Iscar, JetCut, tools fo high pressure coolant.

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Lincoln Electric's robotic education cell for training

March 18, 2016

Lincoln Electric partnered with Fanuc to create the robotic education cell. It serves as a portable training system for classroom use and gives students the opportunity to gain insights into proper programming for operating a robot.

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Mazak Optonics vertical automation system

March 11, 2016

Mazak Optonic Corp.'s Hi-Speed Modular Vertical Automation system designed for job shops, OEMs or production facilities. Suction cups and forks work independently to reduce cycle times.

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DMG MORI machine tools for industry 4.0

March 6, 2016

DMG MORI machine tools: 60 sensors analyze the processes within the machine tool and deliver detailed information on the current status of the machine and the production process.

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ESAB MIG welding aluminum Tech Spotlight Feb 16 2016

February 12, 2016

The Warrior and Aristo Mig systems from ESAB provide Trailstar with reliable, highly efficient performance through two daily shifts of high arc-on time, high amperage welding.

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Bystronic's ByTower automation solution

February 5, 2016

Bystronic's ByTower automation solution for laser cutting systems offers fabricators a flexible system for lightly manned production. Reduced set-up times and an optimal material flow ensure maximum utilization of the laser cutting system.

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GN Corporation invests in Mazak multi-tasking machining automation

January 29, 2016

Alberta manufacturer invests in Mazak multi-tasking machining automtion for productivity gains. Read the story in the FEBRUARY 2016 issue of Shop Metalworking Technology Magazine.

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ALMCO improves welder training with Miller's Live Arc welding performance management system.

January 17, 2016

ALMACO, a manufacturer of custom built, agricultural equipment such as combines, planters and threshers, uses Miller Electric's LiveArc welding performance management system to improve training while also giving potential and existing employees the skills needed to do the best job for their customers. The system provides immediate feedback during training, allows instructors to customize welding programs to ALMACO’s exact needs, and allows for welding in both simulation and live arc mode.

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