Walter Xtra·tec XT M5460 profile milling cutter.Click image to enlarge

Walter has introduced the Xtra·tec XT M5460, a new profile milling cutter for precision machining of freeform surfaces and deep cavities.

This new profile milling cutter now provides an internal coolant channel, enabling chip evacuation using compressed air or MQL. This is necessary for deep pockets as it allows the user to evacuate the chips.

The Xtra·tec XT M5460 has been specially designed for difficult materials, particularly for hard machining of steels up to 63 HRC. Alongside the proven geometries of Walter’s P3201 and P3204 indexable inserts, Walter is now offering these inserts in its newest grade WHH15X for hard machining. In field tests, the new M5460 with this latest grade WHH15X achieved increases in tool life of up to 500 per cent, Walter says.

Thanks to the addition of this new grade to the existing range of cutting tool grades and geometries, the profile milling cutter is also effective in steels (ISO P), cast irons (ISO K), stainless steels (ISO M) and hard materials (ISO H). This means that, in addition to mold and die making, it also offers advantages for the aerospace and energy industries.

Walter offers the Xtra·tec® XT M5460 with both Weldon and cylindrical shanks, as well as with the industry standard cylindrical modular interface. Walter is initially launching the milling cutter for diameters: 3/8 -1 in. and in metric from 8-32 mm.


Tooling for gear milling

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Safe and fast MIG, TIG weld cleaning system

Surfox 304 MIG & TIG is the lastest member of Walter Surface Technologies' Surfox family. It's a patented electrochemical cleaning system with a flowthrough system to facilitate cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds without altering the surface of the material to be welded.

Fast and easy programming for robotic bending

The LVD Dyna-Cell robotic bending cell is now available with LVD’s Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system and features a revolutionary, automatic wizard for fast and easy programming.

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The Edge Pro Ti is a new CNC designed with integrated drives, motors and multiple torch height control interface options.

Smarter SmartBox from Mazak

Mazak has made changes to its SmartBox, a concept it launhed last fall as part of its Smart iFactory system.

Quick-change disc system

PFERD's CombiClick quick-change disc system provides lower workplace temperature while improving stock removal and disc life, claims the company.

New tools for hybrid stacked materials

The JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher from Seco Tools are ideal solutions for holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials.

Simultaneous five axis machining

To build on the success of its compact five axis Mikron HSM 400U LP high speed milling centre, GF AgieCharmilles is upping the ante with a larger sized machine platform called the the Mikron HSM 600U LP, creating a family of linear motor full five axis simultaneous machining solutions that set a benchmark for speed, claims the company.

Thread turning tool with precision over and under coolant

The CoroThread 266 thread turning tool from Sandvik Coromant features precision over and under coolant to improve process security and maximize efficiency.

Semi automatic double column bandsaw

The model H5 SA semi automatic double column bandsaw from Kalamazoo Industries has been designed to produce accurate vertical cuts in structural steel.

Next-gen EDMs for precision machining


Makino has introduced next-generation EDM machines in its Edge series, Edge2 and Edge3, built for general precision machining applications.

Dual fiber output laser can power two separate workstations, processes

Coherent has introduced HighLight FL-ARM with Fiber-Fiber-Switch, a high power (2 to 8 kW) dual fiber output laser that can sequentially power two separate workstations or processes.

Bystronic adds 15kW fiber option

Bystronic’s new 15kW fiber for Bystar Fiber 3015 and 4020 improves speed, precision and flexibility for sheet metal processors.

Ceramic end mill cuts like carbide

Unique cutting geometry gives Greenleaf Corp.’s XSYTIN-360 high-performance solid ceramic end mills ten times higher productivity, leading to tremendous cost savings.

Lincoln Electric launches new maintenance app

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new innovative app that takes the guesswork out of preventative maintenance and ensures optimal performance from the company's Rangerwelder/generator.

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