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RealWeld Trainer, the only in-situ welding training device designed to record and score welding technique while performing real arc-on welds, has been enhanced to allow for testing 18-in. (457 mm) weld joints.

This new capability aligns the system to AWS B2 specifications for plate welding.

“Our early adopter customers are driving our development roadmap,” said Bill Forquer, Launch CEO of RealWeld Systems. “And those customers consistently told us that training solutions limited to six-inch welds are insufficient to prepare for AWS certification and are just not real-world. Since we’re all about real welding training for real-world production conditions, it was imperative for us to develop this capability.”

The RealWeld Trainer is the only welding training solution on the market designed for a welding booth that can be used while under the hood with the arc on or for practice welding with the arc off. When customers configure their welding procedures in the RealWeld Trainer system, they will also select plate length of six or eighteen inches for MIG, Stick, and Flux Core processes welding fillet, lap, and groove joints in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.

RealWeld Trainer can improve the screening of welders prior to being hired, assess skill certification levels, clone the technique of master welders into documented welding procedures, be integrated into community college curriculums, and narrow the skill gap of graduates being fully productive for their employer.

Real Weld Systems

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