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Lincoln Electric has launched its new VRTEX virtual reality welding training simulators.

The new simulators help welding instructors train welders more quickly and efficiently while reducing material costs. The software delivers realistic graphics and sounds, enabling trainees who use the VRAW (Virtual Reality Arc Welding) platform to experience real world, hands-on welding training.

The VRTEX welding systems feature a detailed, realistic GTAW (TIG) welding experience. The weld puddle, including weld discontinuities, is accurately rendered and responds visually and audibly to operator behaviour. The operator uses an adaptive current foot control and can perform welds without filler metal on a variety of materials.  

The new VRTEX 360+ allows schools or training centres to train two welders at the same time from one machine, each independently performing welds using different processes, coupons, joints and Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS).

Additional VRTEX simulator features include a Weldometer ROI calculator that records material savings for each practice weld performed. Virtual bend tests provide results instantly to reveal what causes a weld to pass or fail. Demo and Replay modes can be used by instructors to display optimal welding techniques and review actual student behavior.

VRTEX virtual reality simulator benefits include:

  • Reduced training costs
  • 23 per cent faster training
  • 42 per cent increase in certification rates
  • Safety – no metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes
  • Immediate performance evaluation and enhanced student engagement

New Models:

All new VRTEX models feature the realistic GTAW process and welding devices.

VRTEX 360 Single User – offers multiple welding processes, positions and joint configurations

VRTEX 360+ Dual User – trains two people at the same time from one machine to increase throughput and further reduce program costs.

VRTEX Transport – a mobile, tabletop system

To complete the VRTEX family, the VRTEX Engage is ideal for introductory career pathways programs in any environment.

MIG consumables for MIG torch series

ESAB brand Tweco has introduced the VELOCITY2 series of MIG consumables for the Spray Master, Classic Number and Supra SEHD series MIG torches.

Multi-process welding system

ESAB's new Rebel EMP 215ic is a 120V-230V CC/VC welding system the company says offers true multi-process arc performance.

Aluminum MIG push-pull welding systems

Lincoln Electric has introduced two new aluminum MIG push-pull welding system packages, the Power MIG 350MP and One-Pak.

Higher productivity welding in heavy fab applications

Flex Feed 84 is Lincoln Electric's latest additon to its line of wire feeders. The company says it delivers consistent feeding over long conduit runs iwth large diameter wires up to 2.4 mm (3/32 in.).

Robotic nozzle cleaning station cuts costs

Tregaskiss has introduced the Tough Gun TT3E Reamer, a robotic nozzle cleaning station with digital Ethernet communications to better integrate into companies' digital controls infrastructure.

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