Hougen's HMD130 ultra low profile magnetic drillClick image to enlarge

Hougen has introduced an ultra low profile lighweight and compact magnetic drill, the HMD130.

It’s small enough to drill in places where even hand held electric drills can’t go, yet with the power to cut holes up to 1-3/8 ub, diameter through materials up to 1 in. thick.

Featuring Hougen's bayonet-style twist and lock cutter mounting system and a height of just 6-11/16 in., the HMD130 portable magnetic drill was designed for fast, efficient holemaking in confined spaces yet powerful enough for general steel fabrication. A powerful Hougen motor, heavy-duty, high-torque gearing along with the use of Hougen's RotaLoc Plus annular cutters combine to allow for a broad range of applications including general fabrication, truck frame modification, plant maintenance and on-site assembly and installation projects.

The HMD130 weighs just 23.8 lb and has an electric rating of 115 V, 50/60 Hz and 9-Amps. The motor operates from any standard 115/120 volt power source and develops 450 no-load rpms. The gearing ratio complements the motor's power for reliable RPMs and uniform SFM, allowing high feed rates even through long cuts, large diameter holes and tough materials.

The magnetic base has a 1,200 lb dead lift rating on 3/8 in. plate and 2165 lb. on 1 in. plate. Drill point breakaway limits are 500 lb (3/8 in. plate) and 735 lb (1 in. plate). The unit is equipped with a removable feed handle for ratcheting the feed in extremely close quarters.

For safety the drill incorporates Hougen’s exclusive features to insure a safe work environment—including a no-adjustment safety switch, which shuts down the drill motor if lift of the magnetic base is detected...plus an LED indicator that monitors this sensor and alerts if the switch is not engaged. A two stage power on switch prevents drill rotation unless the magnet has first been engaged, and, in the case of a power interruption, safety circuitry will keep the drill motor off after power is restored until the start button is manually depressed.

The HMD130 has a rigid quill feed arbor, which prevents tool vibration, eliminates gibs, slide/way adjustments and maintenance while providing a constant low profile. Each drill unit is complete with a sturdy plastic carrying case and carrying handle. The HMD130 is made in USA.

10 kW TRUMPF fiber laser makes world debut in NA

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a 10 kW TruDisk laser made its world debut at FABTECH 2017 in Chicago.

Multi-functional machining

EMAG has introduced a multi-functional machining centre for drive components.

Webstore for CO2 and fibre laser optics, laser consumables and press brake tooling

Mate Precision Tooling has launched its new laser consumable products and press brake tooling webstore.

Welding gun with greater flexibility

Lincoln Electric’s Magnum PRO welding gun line has been extended and enhanced to add greater flexibility and convenience for fabrication owners and operators.

Hot rolled high strength strip steel

SSAB has added to its 1100 MPa range of Strenx performance steels.

Redesigned encoder modules for robot arms

Heidenhain has expanded and redesigned its MRS 2200 series of encoder modules for robot arms with redesigned embedded bearings to better withstand outside tilting forces.

Clamping force blocks for robot assisted pallet loading

The Tandem plus 140 clamping blocks from Schunk are designed for robot assisted pallet loading of machine tools.

Fully automated bandsaw system

In response to the drive for more automation in structural steel fabrication, Cosen Saws has introduced the AV-2026NC bandsaw.

Cylindrical grinding for micro parts

The Studer S11 cylindrical grinder from United Grinding made its debut at EMO 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

Lower waterjet cutting costs

A new 100 hp direct drive pump from OMAX Corp. offers what the company says is increased efficiency, improved reliability and lower operating costs by delivering more JetPower at the nozzle, equal to today's 135 hp intensifier designs.

Punching machines & punch tooling MetalTech Report

Eco-friendly technology
Designed as a lower-cost alternative to Amada’s flagship EM-series twin servo drive turrets, the AE-series has been designated as an “Eco Product” by the Japan Forming Machinery Association because of the machine’s reduced requirements for petroleum product and electrical consumption.

3D non-contact CNC measuring machine

The Walter HeliCheck 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from United Grinding combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan, then digitize cutting tools and production parts, creating 3D models users can save, process, analyze and measure.

Fiber laser cutting system

The Ventis-3015AJ fiber laser cutting system from Amada is making its North American debut at FABTECH in Chicago this week.

New insert line for non-ferrous square shoulder milling

Tungaloy Corp. is adding a new insert line for non-ferrous milling to its TungTri square shoulder mill series.

Press packages for modular tooling

Multicyl has introduced press packages for modular tooling.

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