The Coolspeed spindle from WTO turns legacy machines into high speed machining centres.Click image to enlargeWTO’s CoolSpeed mini is an ultra high speed spindle that reaches up to 75,000 RPM for micromachining applications.

The spindle turbine is driven by coolant, cutting oil, or air mist. It is affordable, fits in standard tool holders for cylindrical tools, and is compatible with milling centres, turning centres and Swiss Type lathes.

By its design, the cutting tool shank serves as the spindle shaft. As a result, the dynamic run-out is 4 microns or better. Bearings can easily be replaced by the customer with each cutting tool change and the CoolSpeed spindle does not require any service.

The challenge in micromachining is how to achieve the required high rotation speeds. The majority of driven tools or spindles are mechanically-driven, which have difficulty reaching the speeds required in micromachining.

It can be driven by through coolant, oil or air mist, with coolant pressure ranges from 145-870 psi with a max. rotation speed of 75,000 rpm. When operating with air mist, the pressure range is from 58-73 psi with a max. rotation speed of 55,000 rpm. There are models that support a supply line for point-to-point coolant, oil, or air mist supply line connected directly to the high-speed spindle unit.  Compressed air is commonly available in machine shops and can be easily utilized to convert an older piece of equipment into a high-speed machining center.

FABTECH 2014: Automated robotic bending cell

Exhibitor: Amada America Booth: B-2503

Multi-process inverters for extreme use applications

Tweco, an ESAB brand, has introduced the ArcMaster 401MST (MIG-Stick-Lift TIG) and ArcMaster 401S (Stick-Lift TIG) power sources for on-site and portable welding applications.

BIG Kaiser expands collet chuck offering

BIG Kaiser has expanded its Mega ER Grip collet chuck offering with more options, including BBT30, BBT40 and BBT50 tapers.

The ins and outs of thread milling

There are many elements to consider when threading a workpiece. When is a solid carbide thread mill better than an indexable? How does the workpiece material behavior impact thread milling? Understanding your program as well as diagnosing issues that arise are just as important. Luckily, thread milling can be better understood by asking five specific questions.

Cast iron insert grades

Walter has added two new cast iron insert grades to its Perform Line family of turning tools, the WKV10 and WKV20.

Improving your turning effectiveness eight times

Sandvik Coromant has introduced a high performance turning insert with eight edges, the CoroTurn 300.

High metal removal in face, shoulder milling

WIDIA has released its M8065HD indexable milling platform for heavy-duty milling operations in steel and cast iron materials.

Wide field visual tool setters

Marposs has expanded its MIDA VTS visual tool setter family with the addition of the VTS WF45 and WF85 wide field versions.

Portable controller and wire feeder for easier job site setup

Lincoln Electric has introduced a lightweight and portable contoller and wire feeder for orbital welding, the APEX 30M.

Version 7 of robotic programming platform

Hypertherm has introduced its new Robotmaster V7 software.

Fully automated bandsaw system

In response to the drive for more automation in structural steel fabrication, Cosen Saws has introduced the AV-2026NC bandsaw.

Blind hole taps for steel machining

The new TC120, TC121 and TC122 Supreme blind hole taps from Walter have been specially developed for machining steel.

Run to the limit with new angle encoder

Heidenhain has released smarter and faster versions of its RCN absolute angle encoders series for use in machine tools requiring high speed, accuracy and contamination resistance. 

Multiprocess manual welding devices

Fronius has added two additional multiprocess devices to its manual welding range.

Compact vise for 5 axis workholding

TE-CO Workholding has introduced a 6 in. compact vise with machinable jaws that it says is ideal for five axis workholding or machines with a small work envelope.

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