The Jonsen SGB1300 automatic two-side-one-pass deburring and edge rounding machine Click image to enlargeThe Jonsen SGB1300 automatic two-side-one-pass deburring and edge rounding machine removes sharp edges on stainless steel or and deburrs surfaces and holes in mild steel.

Distributed in Eastern Canada by Ferric Machinery, the SGB1300 removes burrs and slag at a fast, consistent speed and multiple parts can be fed at the same time.

Constant pressure from belt or other cleaning medium gives an even, consistent finish, aided by a partial vacuum table to hold down small parts. Dust removal and collection keeps the work environment clean.

There are two modules: a wide belly G Station for heavy duty type slag removal, oxide layer removal and surface finishing, and a B Station with deburring block belts for double-side deburring, edge rounding and oxide layer removal in one pass. The G head and B head can be used either individually or together to accommodate different application requirements.

Weighing about 10,000 lb., the machine generates 45 hp and measures 77-in. by 102-in. by 86-in. with an abrasive belt thickness from 0.04-in. to 3-in. the deburring block belt measures from 0.08-in. to 2-in.

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