Fives twin turret multi surface setup all axesClick image to enlarge

Fives Landis LTT grinding machineClick image to enlarge

Fives has launched its newest grinder series, the Landis Twin Turret (LTT) second generation machines designed for grinding challenging materials and geometries.

This model provides a common platform for multiple machine configurations and processes, including OD, ID and profile grinding, milling, polishing, hard and diamond turning, dicing, and in-situ metrology. Supplied in two sizes, the LTT-100 and LTT-400 are multifunctional machines that handle workpieces as large as 100 mm and 400 mm in diameter, respectively.

Fives' LTT ID configurtion of axes layoutClick image to enlarge

The Universal Twin Turret grinder enables sub-micron position control. Two rotary axes are rigidly mounted on a fixed center distance and provide relative motion between the component and cutting tool, with the linear axis used to control the depth of cut and profile shape of the component being machined. Its unique combination of rotary and linear axes produce relative motion between tool and workpiece over a swept working area.

The machine concept coordinates the two rotary axes and a short linear axis in a Twin Turret design to provide far stiffer results than standard machines, as well as remarkable thermal stability. Gone are the inherent thermal stability and stiffness issues that plague conventional machine platforms using stacked linear axes.

The twin turret design enables a simple non-contacting labyrinth seal, making the machine base almost immune to distortions. A far cry from traditional machine designs that suffer from the ever-changing coolant return path and heat transference from the grinding process, resulting in constant variable machine distortions.

The LTT was designed to use the minimum number of bearing interfaces in the machining loop, to maximize machine loop stiffness. Two highly damped hydrostatic bearings are employed and the machine’s turrets are bolted together via a solid granite base plate to resist machining forces and improve precision and repeatability.

New line of taps for process security

Dormer Pramet has announced a new range of material specific taps offering high performance and process security. 

Large part multi-tasking machine

Doosan Machine Tools latest addition, the PUMA SMX5100L twin-spindle, multi-tasking turn-mill center, completes complex parts in a single setup.

Side-loaded fiber laser cutting system


Cy Laser has introduced a side-loaded compact fiber laser plate cutting system designed to integrate easily with material handling automation.

Clamping mechanism for double-sided inserts


Iscar's DoveIQTurn clamping mechanism can firmly hold double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks.

10 kW fiber laser

Coherent has launched a 10 kW fiber laser that is part of its HighLight product family. The series are high power fiber, direct diode and fiber couploed diode laser for industrial materials processing applications.

World's smallest hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 machine spindles

BIG Kaiser has introduced what it says is the world’s smallest hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 machine spindles, completing its extensive range of BIG KAISER Super Slim Hydraulic Chucks.

Electric and hybrid press brakes

BLM GROUP’s ProBend press brakes are available in the all-electric E-Series or the hybrid H-Series.

Gantry style fiber laser cutting machine

Koike Aronson has introduced Fibergraph, a gantry style cutting machine equipped with fibr laser technology.

Connectivity for tool holders

Sandvik Coromant has introduced connectivity capability to its series of Silent Tools tool holders.

Thread forming tap optimized for automotive applications

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new thread forming tap optimized for ISO P steel machining.

High speed vertical machining centre

The new DMP 70 from DMG MORI offers a small footprint with an extensive work area.

Small footprint mechanized pipe welding system

Lincoln Electric has announced the new Mini Pantheon mechanized pipe welding system.

Portable oxy fuel/plasma cutting system

Crossbow is a new compact oxy fuel/plasma CNC cutting system from ESAB Cutting Systems that the company says is portable and economical.

Heavy duty shrink fit chucks for heavy machinery

The new Heavy Duty Shrink Fit Chuck from Haimer has been developed for heavy duty use in the heavy machinery and aerospace industries.

Networkable Industry 4.0 gas management system

Abicor Binzel has released the new EWR 2 / EWR 2 Net Gas Management System.

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