Tungaloy's DrillMeister indexable head drill line includes the DMC style drill head with self-centering chisel edge profileClick image to enlarge

Tungaloy’s DrillMeister indexable head drill line now includes the DMC style drill head that features a self-centering chisel edge profile in a new coating grade designed to boost indexable drilling performance.

The self-centering geometry allows for smooth entry and provides rounder and straighter holes in accurate diameters. l The double margin drill head offers better surface finish.

DrillMeister allows easy and prompt indexing of the drill head thanks to an innovative self-clamping mechanism, which eliminates the need to remove the drill body from the spindle for tool changeover or to re-adjust the tool overhang. Fast index with high repeatability significantly improves machine uptime and productivity.

The new DMC drill head incorporates a center-point chisel edge geometry which self-centers to provide accurate hole diameter and circularity. In addition, the new drill head features a double margin design to stabilize the drill during hole making processes, improving hole surface finish and straightness.

The new drill head is available in AH9130. It is a new coating grade specifically engineered for drilling applications, featuring nanoscale multilayered structure coating based on three primary layers.

This new coating technology provides an optimal combination of resistance to such physical and chemical stresses as wear, fracture, oxidation, builtup-edge, and delamination, all of which are vital to ensure long tool life for successful holemaking processes. This expansion to DrillMeister further contributes to improvement of hole accuracy, tool life, as well as economy in every hole making operation.

Drill head diameters are available from 10.0 mm to 19.9 mm in increments of 0.1 mm and no pre-spotting or pecking 

Iscar: High speed face milling cutters

Iscar Tool's latest innovations includes new adjustable-pocket face mills in the Alutang family, designed to carry primarily PCD or PCBN tipped inserts for use on cast iron, hardened steel, aluminum or any other non-metallic materials.

Makino: Reduced thermal distortion in EDMs

Makino's latest Ram EDM machinery, the new EDAF Series, features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion.

Haas: High performance turning

The new Haas ST-40 is the latest and largest addition to Haas Automation's line of new generation turning centres.

Feeler: Milling lathes

Feeler milling lathes and turning centres from Methods Machine Tools Inc. are high performance machines available in multiple configurations to meet the flexible needs of manufacturers. The machines are now available in Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) through newly appointed distributor, SMS Machine Tools, Toronto.

Nikon Metrology: Anti-mould microscope design

Nikon Metrology Inc.'s latest stereoscopic microscope, the SMZ-745, is an airtight, anti-electrostatic and anti-mould designed microscope that prevents samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge, as well as contaminants such as dust and water.

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