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TRUMPF has introduced another key component of Industry 4.0 connected manufacturing with its new Track & Trace, which allows customers to determine the position of parts within a a few inches, enabling them to reduce throughput times on the shop floor and increase productivity.

The solution accurately locates sheet metal parts in real time and also tracks and documents the routes they take. That effectively eliminates the costly task of searching for parts on the shop floor, and it makes it easier to pinpoint express jobs in the production facility and prioritize their fabrication as required. The positioning system works not only for parts, but also for tools.

Conventional positioning systems cannot be used in metal-rich environments such as between machines or in sheet metal storage areas because the signals emitted by the transmitters get corrupted or even completely lost. The Track & Trace solution sidesteps this problem by utilizing a robust frequency and by placing tracking devices referred to as 'satellites' on the ceiling. These miniature satellites communicate with devices known as markers, which can simply be placed on, or attached to, stacks of parts or load carriers, much like a paper batch of job documents. That enables production workers to track down parts to within just a few inches.

TRUMPF has already successfully deployed Track & Trace at test customer sites as well as in its own production facilities. The solution is quick to install, simple to use, and easy to integrate in existing manufacturing processes.

Track & Trace works using a computer chip installed inside each marker. This chip transmits data to an industrial computer via the satellites, allowing users to access information on the part and its location on the computer screen. They can also transmit data back to control the marker, for example displaying the job number or any other information required for the production process on a small ink display.

All the data can also be transferred to smartphones and tablets. Select a job on the screen, and the corresponding marker will respond by emitting a series of light signals, making it quick and easy to identify. This makes Track & Trace one of the first steps in the paperless manufacturing systems of the future.


5 axis universal machining centre series

The G series five axis universal machining centre from Grob encompasses three models: G350, G550 and G750 (there are also two turning versions G550T and G750T). 

New cutting tool geometries

Haimer has introduced new cutting tool geometries for its Power Mill and Duo-Lock offerings, including designs for aluminum and mould steels.

Three new blind hole taps

The TC120, TC121 and TC122 Supreme new blind hole taps have been introduced by Walter.

Weld head for miniature parts welding

Amada Miyachi America's Series 300 electronic weld head offers the precisely controlled weld force profile ideal for miniature parts welding, claims the company.

Micro drill for faster wire EDM starter holes

BIG Kaiser has introduced a new micro deep hole drill in its Sphinx line that the company says provides a time-saving option for creating wire EDM starter holes, averaging five times faster per hole according to testing the company conducted.

Trimmable flap discs

Weldcote has introduced new trimmable flap discs.

Hybrid additive machine from Mitsui Seiki

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc. has developed new machining technology that combines an additive and subtractive process on one machine tool platform. Named the Vertex 55X-H, the new hybrid technology was introduced at IMTS 2016.

Pulsed DC TIG inverter

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has announced that the Renegade ET 300iP DC TIG/Stick inverter, which features controls for pulsed TIG welding and high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc starts options, is now in stock and ready to ship in the U.S. and Canada.

High tech, low operating cost fiber laser

Prima Power has introduced the Laser Genius, a new generation of 2D fiber laser cutting systems the company says offers performance at low operating costs.

Gas-shielded flux-cored wire

Lincoln Electric's new UltraCore HD-M flux-cored wire is a 75 per cent Argon, 25 per cent CO2 gas-shielded flux-cored (FCAW-G) wire was designed to provide the high deposition rates and flat bead appearance required in many out-of-position applications. It features premium arc performance and fast freezing slag.

Electronic spindle prevents stop block contamination

The iSpeed5 from NSK America Corp. is a fully tool-changeable electronic spindle.

Auto darkening helmet with grinding features

Two new auto darkening models have joined the Miller Electric Mfg. Co. family of Classic series of welding helmets: the Classi VSi and the Classic FS 310 2x4 flip-up.

Welding cobot with 10kg payload

Add robotic welding capacity to current production with the six-axis HC10XP human-collaborative robot from Yaskawa Motoman.

Side-loaded fiber laser cutting system


Cy Laser has introduced a side-loaded compact fiber laser plate cutting system designed to integrate easily with material handling automation.

Mobile welding fume extractor

The Mobiflex 400-MS mobile welding fume extractor from Lincoln Electric is a self-cleaning welding fume extraction and filtration system designed to extend filter life and reduce maintenance for users.

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