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Trumpf has announced the products and services it will be highlighting at the 2022 Fabtech Canada show.

Heading the lineup at Booth 4000 will be the TruArc Weld 1000 automated arc welding system designed for high-mix, low-volume production. The company will also feature some of its latest fabricating technology solutions including the TruLaser 1030 fiber laser cutting machine, TruBend 3100 press brake, TruTool power tools, TruServices, Trumpf software and Smart Factory solutions.

The TruArc Weld 1000 automated arc welding system, is designed to support fabricators as they get started in automated welding. Designed for affordable high-mix, low-volume production, the TruArc Weld 1000 collaborative robot, or “cobot,” enables users to program and weld quickly.

The compact laser cutting machines of the TruLaser 1000 series are optimized for low investment and operation costs. The latest addition, the TruLaser 1030 fibre, offers the new Highspeed Eco function, which increases feed rate by up to 70 percent while reducing gas consumption by around 60 percent, and CoolLine technology, which ensures optimum cooling during the cutting process and facilitates intricate cuts in thick material.

The TruBend 3100 standard Trumpf press brake offers low cost of entry thanks to a basic closed frame design. The TruBend 3000 series of press brakes are designed for fabricators who need quality bending and simple operation at entry-level prices.

Other solutions on view at Fabtech 2022 include the TruTool line of handheld power tools, software solutions designed to help customers to program more effectively, increase machine utilization rate, and make the best possible use of their resources. Trumpf will also highlight its TruConnect approach to manufacturing by accessing the Smart Factory controls remotely from the Trumpff booth. Screens will display production status and equipment operation located at the Hoffman Estates facility. A live connection will allow real-time viewing of the facility.

The event takes place June 14-16 at the Toronto Congress Centre.


Lincoln's new easy-to-use curriculum planner

Lincoln Electric's new Course Builder is a "time saving curriculum planning tool for welding educators," says the company.

Comfortable push-pull welding gun system

Abicor Binzel has launched its FreedomDrive push-pull welding gun system.

Portable wire feeder

Designed for use in shipbuilding, offshore, construction or pipe welding operations, the Activ8™ portable wire feeder from Lincoln Electric offers a modular design that is small enough to fit through ship manways and light enough to carry around the site.

Inspection instrument for indicators for in-house calibration

Mitutoyo has introduced the next generation i-Checker, model IC-2000 for efficient in-house calibration for indicating gauges including dial indicator, dial test indicator, dial comparator (Hicator), bore gauge, cylinder gauge, digimatic indicator, linear gauge, electrical comparator (electronic micrometer, Mu-checker).

Dot peen marker series

Kwik Mark has announced its new line of X Series dot peen markers.

5 axis laser cutting and welding machine

TruLaser Cell 3000 is a five axis laser machine for fine cutting and precision welding of 2D and 3D components.

Automated handling of metal fabrication materials

Cincinnati Incorporated has introduced the MARCH (Multi Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling) system for automated handling of metal fabrication materials.

Prima Power: Servo Electric Press Brake

The new eP-1030 press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metalworking.

High-pressure coolant technology for thread turning

Seco Tools has introduced Jetstream Tooling high-pressure coolant technology for threading shank holders.

Multi-process welder

Miller Electric has introduced a new multi-purpose welder designed to withstand harsh environments, the Dimension 650.

Indexable inserts with coolant channel geometry

Walter's new FM5 finishing and RM5 roughing indexable insert geometries deliver optimal cooling, longer tool life, and increased productivity in high temperature alloy and stainless steel machining. says the company.

Rigid clamp/nozzle for turning tools

Iscar is expanding its JHP Line by adding turning tools fitted with the JET-R-TURN hollow rigid clamp.

Improved electric stroke control for ironworkers

Scotchman Industries has announced that its new 50514-EC & 5014-ET 50-ton hydraulic ironworker now comes standard with a new, improved electric stroke control to enhance precision.

Direct diode laser cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has introduced the Optiplex 3015 DDL 6kW direct diode laser cutting technology.

New reaming shanks from Seco

Seco has further optimized the high precision reaming performance of its modular Precimaster Plus indexable head system by adding floating and adjustable shank designs to the mix.

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