The cutters are suitable for milling HTSA and hard-to-cut stainless steel of austenitic, duplex and PH types. Click image to enlargeISCAR’s XQUAD extended flute milling cutters and inserts machine titanium, high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

Developed especially for aerospace components manufacturers, they are perfect for slot, shoulder, contour and pocket milling operations in titanium and high temperature alloy components, the tools’ stable design and soft-cutting geometry are facilitated by the helical cutting edges and positive rake angle.

The cutters are also suitable for milling HTSA and hard-to-cut stainless steel of austenitic, duplex and PH types. The new SDK-10/12-C/HP cutters are 90 degrees extended flute shell mills carrying square inserts with four cutting edges and are designed for rough milling operations that require extremely high depth of cut, such as machining deep shoulders, cavities, high edges and full slots. Coolant nozzles send high pressure coolant (HPC) through the cutter body, with coolant channels directed to each insert cutting edge.

The inserts are one-sided with four cutting edges and incorporate two splitting grooves on one cutting edge and one on the opposite side. It is recommended to mount the inserts in an alternating edge configuration on adjacent cutter flutes, to achieve the most effective chip splitting.

Emuge industry first: general purpose tap

Calling it an industry first, Emuge's MultiTap is a high performance tap designed for threading a range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.

Iscar: High speed face milling cutters

Iscar Tool's latest innovations includes new adjustable-pocket face mills in the Alutang family, designed to carry primarily PCD or PCBN tipped inserts for use on cast iron, hardened steel, aluminum or any other non-metallic materials.

Kennametal: Tapping into the wind turbine market

New high performance taps for large diameter tapping from Kennametal feature a wear-resistant powder metal substrate and proprietary top layers and coatings, designed wind turbine component machining of hubs, rings and gearbox housings.

Threading Options

by Mary Scianna

Whatever your machining process, external or internal threading is likely a part of your manufacturing process.

Cutting Tool Tips: When to Use Coolants

Coolant can be an effective way to cool a cutting tool, help expel the chip and prevent built up edge.

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