Parlec BMT65 tool holdersClick image to enlarge

Parlec, a member of Techniks Tool Group, has released the BMT65 line of tool holders made from ductile iron.

According to Parlec, ductile iron has 6.6 times the vibration damping properties of alloy steels, which helps enhance cutting tool performance and extend tool life. The higher graphite content of ductile iron also reduces friction and prevents premature wear of the tool holder.

The BMT65 tool holders fit on many BMT65 lathe turrets including Haas, Doosan, Daewoo, Hwacheon, Hyundai, and others. They are available in I.D. styles for 1”, 1-1/2” 25 mm, and 40 mm tool diameters for single-sided holders and in 1-1/4” for double-sided holders. O.D. style holders are available in 1” and 25 mm for both single and double-sided setups.


Emuge-Franken expands end mills line

Emuge-Franken has expanded the range of its Top-Cut VAR line of multi-purpose high performance end mills.

Flexible welding robots

Fanuc's new ARC Mate 100iD arc welding robot and the LR Mate 200iD/7L tabletop material handling robot are an effective welding system for multiple applications, including frame rail welding.

Heavy duty grinders

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the Ironman and Ironman PS heavy duty grinders.

Pneumatic power chuck machines rods and pipes

The SCHUNK Rota TB2 pneumatic self-contained power chuck sets a new standard in the machining of rods and pipes for the oil, mining, and construction sectors, claims the company.

Power straightener for high strength steels

The HD series power straighteners from Coe Press are designed for processing advanced high strength steels and other high yield strength steels.

Welder designed and made in Canada for the world

The new SAE-300 MP engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric is designed for general construction and pipe welding and it's made in Canada for export around the world.

Full bore chuck boosts spindle capacity up to 30%

Lexair’s full-bore, fixed length, self-contained collet chuck allows full capacity spindle operation, due to elimination of the drawtube.

5 axis VMC for small parts


The Vertical Center Universal (VCU) 400A-5X vertical machining centre from Mazak features a five axis rotary/tilt table with roller gear cam technology for cost-effective simultaneous five axis machining, claims Mazak. The machine features a small footprint and comes standard with a 10,000 rpm 15 hp 40-taper spindle. An optional 12,000 rpm spindle is available.

Weld video library grows to more than 300

Xiris Automation Inc. has expanded its weld video library to over 300 videos.

CMM with 0.28 μm accuracy

Mitutoyo's latest Legex ultra high accuracy CMM achieves measuring accuracy of 0.28 μm.

New generation of large robots

ABB has introduced the IRB 6700 robot family, its seventh general of large industrial robots. The new IRB 6700 is available in payloads from 150 to 300 kg, and reaches from 2.6 to 3.2 meters. It's designed for spot welding, material handling and machine tending.

New machine offers advantages of an HMC and boring mill

Mazak Corp.'s new HCN-16000Q horizontal machining centre, recently installed in the company's North American plant in Florence, KY, to help the company ramp up production, features a double column, quill-head design to allow the machine to perform operations of an HMC and a boring mill.

24-volt magnetic gripper

Schunk’s EMH is the world's first electrically activated 24 V permanent magnetic gripper with integrated electronics.

Sharpening diamond-coated cutting tools

Rollomatic has developed a process that allows sharpening of thick‐film diamond coated cutting tools in a machine that also laser cuts PCD and other super‐hard materials.

Next gen boring tools for smoother machining

Sandvik Coromant has introduced its next generation of rough boring tools, which includes a Silent Tools solution.

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