Schunk's new iTendo2 tool holderClick image to enlarge

Schunk has introduced the iTendo2 tool holder.

Schunk says the iTendo2 offers users an easy entry path to digitization of processes.

The iTendo2 combines the features of Schunk’s Tendo hydraulic expansion technology with the possibilities of digital process monitoring in one toolholder. “If one looks into the process starting from the place of metal cutting, the iTendo² intelligent toolholder is the first non-wear part, ‘closest-to-the-part,’ and therefore it is ideal for signal acquisition,” Schunk says.

Offering real-time capable data communication, the tool holder offers an applicable form of process optimization with a toolholder. The company also says the new tool holder minimizes scrap rates, reduces production times and will boost quality and profitability, even with small batch sizes.

Technical highlights:

  • Real-time capable data communication and process analysis
  • No change of external contour, no restrictions on the use of coolants. Can replace standard toolholders 1:1.
  • Process transparency through intuitive user interface and process-specific apps.
  • Speeds of rotation up to 30,000 rpm make a wide range of applications possible
  • Applications include countersinking, drill wear detection, automated brush adjustment


Lighter cutter for gear milling

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new, light cutting insert for its innovative CoroMill 170 precision gear milling cutter. The -PL geometry flank insert reduces cutting forces, making it the best option for smaller gear milling machines, giving users the option to reduce power consumption or run for faster and longer.

Portable surface roughness tester

Today’s surface measurement market demands greater measurement and analysis functionality than ever before and to meet these needs, the SJ-310 series (successor to the SJ-301 series) from Mitutoyo has all the basic features of a portable surface roughness tester, but with better performance.

Virtual reality arc welding

The VRTEX family of virtual reality arc welding training products includes the VRTEX 360 and the VRTEX Mobile.

Mechanized welding system from Lincoln

The new Pantheon mechanized welding system from Lincoln Electric fills the need for automated, repetitive welding operations for submerged and open arc processes.

Improved arc performance with new MIG welding system

The Continuum 500 from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. provides improved arc starts and more stable arc performance, generating better results from we4lding operators of all skill levels when welding on thin or thick metals, according to the company.

Dot peen marker series

Kwik Mark has announced its new line of X Series dot peen markers.

Five axis punching and shearing cell

Prima Power has introduced a new servo electric punching and shearing cell with a linear drive, Shear Brilliance.

Kurt Manufacturing introduces DX8 CrossOver vise

Kurt Manufacturing has released the DX8 CrossOver vise, bringing their DX-series vise design to an 8-inch platform.

TIG welding through a keyhole

The K-TIG 1000 Evolve II is a unique approach to TIG welding that opens and manages a full-penetration “keyhole” through the joint.

M20 Millturn machining centre

Austrian company WFL Millturn Technologies has premiered its M20 Millturn complete machining centre.

Ultra low profile mag drill

Hougen has introduced an ultra low profile lighweight and compact magnetic drill, the HMD130.

Carbide insert grade for machining titanium

Greenleaf Corporation recently introduced carbide insert grade G-9610.

Entry level punch laser combination machine

TRUMPF's TruMatic 1000 fiber is the company's first entry-level punch laser combination machine with a solid-state laser.

ProCamPAC PRO programmable limit switch

Wintriss Controls Group has announced a new ProCamPAC PRO Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) for its flagship SmartPAC PRO Press Automation Controller.

New Miller XR-Pistol-Pro gun designed for aluminum MIG and pulsed MIG welding in heavy industrial applications

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the XR-Pistol-Pro gun, built for aluminum MIG and Pulsed MIG welding in heavy industrial applications such as truck and trailer manufacturing, shipbuilding, emergency and recreational vehicle manufacturing, and general fabrication.

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