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Sandvik Coromant has introduced CoroCut QD inserts in sizes 0.04, 0.05 and 0.06 in. with internal coolant.

When material savings are a requirement due to machining expensive materials, large batch productions, or both, it is essential to use the thinnest insert width possible. CoroCut QD dedicated parting off and deep grooving tools are now available in smaller insert widths with internal high-pressure coolant to help customers realize production efficiency.

Considered a “hidden machining cost,” component material waste is an often-overlooked production expense. Wider insert blades cut away more material than necessary during each parting off operation with the excess material ending up in the chip bin. Using a thinner insert blade not only wastes less material but also allows for more parts per bar when parting off using a bar feeder. Realizing this material savings is especially important for those who machine components made of expensive materials, such as heat resistant super alloys (HRSAs) like Inconel, titanium and cobalt chrome. When working with these high-priced materials in higher volumes, using a thicker insert blade can be costly.

For smaller insert widths, insert handling is easily accomplished with the use of the insert cam key. Accompanied with each CoroCut QD, the cam key allows the user to leave the finger of the blade in the open position allowing for use of both hands for insert positioning. With the turn of the cam key, the new insert clamp design offers improved rigidity for process security. CoroCut QD toolholders are made using the same improved tool steel as the larger width CoroCut QD, resulting in 12% higher tensile strength.

According to Staffan Lundström, parting and grooving product specialist at Sandvik Coromant, “as the only product currently on the market that offers over and under coolant in a tool this thin, the CoroCut QD inserts in 0.04 in., 0.05 in. and 0.06 in. work well for deeper cuts and larger diameters and for all materials, especially HRSAs.”

Parting and Grooving Specialist Scott Lewis adds, “shops that solely focus on tool costs can be missing the big picture. When a tool costs you more in material waste over time, especially expensive materials, the overall cost to machine a component can be much higher than expected.”




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Chipbreaker for better productivity

Seco’s new M5 positive-lock chipbreaker insert with robust geometry brings what the company claims is productivity and strength to turning and boring applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys that extend from semi-finishing to the toughest roughing operations in harsh environments.

Flexible manufacturing systems product range

Automation equipment and software manufacturer Fastems LLC is launching a FMS product family of flexible manufacturing systems.

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Tungaloy Corp. has expanded its TungMeister changeable-head endmill system. The latest addition involves a new modular head line of TungForce-Rec, miniature shoulder milling cutter series.

Tool holders for live turning

REGO-FIX USA has partnered with tooling system manufacturer WTO GmbH to develop a line of powRgrip holders for its QuickFlex quick-change driven toolholders for live turning systems.

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Unique cutting geometry gives Greenleaf Corp.’s XSYTIN-360 high-performance solid ceramic end mills ten times higher productivity, leading to tremendous cost savings.

Verification tool to increase machine accuracy

As machine tool builders and end users continue to push the limit with speeds and feeds, they need a tool to evaluate the dynamic performance of their machine with the ultimate precision and accuracy.

Slip proof clamping system

Rego-Fix has introduced a new slip proof clamping system, the intRlox Mini Nut.

MC232 solid carbide cutting tools from Walter

The MC232 Perform line of solid carbide milling cutters from Walter feature a corner radius for improved approaches to individual component geometries. It also improves the tool life of the milling cutter, as the edge stability is increased.

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Grind and re-sharpen rotationally symmetrical tools with the Walter Helitronic Raptor from United Grinding Group.

New class of plasma for mild steel, stainless and aluminum

Hypertherm has launched its lasted development in mechanized plasma cutting with a new class of plasma called X-Definition. This new plasma is available for the first time in a 300 amp plasma system called the XPR300.

New tools for hybrid stacked materials

The JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher from Seco Tools are ideal solutions for holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials.

Five axis power vise with adjustable centre

Schunk has expanded its line of power-amplified five axis vises.

Miller integrates titanium 9400i auto-darkening welding helmet into its powered air purifying respirator

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has integrated its versatile, heavy-duty Titanium 9400i  auto-darkening welding helmet into its Arc Armor® Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

New insert grades for high strength, heat resistant materials

Seco now offers the MP2050 insert grade with an optimized balance of toughness and wear resistance to efficiently machine highstrength, heat-resistant materials.

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