Fronius's new generation of the TransPocket Stick (SMAW) welding machineClick image to enlarge

Fronius' new generation TransPocket 150 and 180 are replacements for the company's TransPocket 1500. The single phase stick welding machines feature the company's Power Factor Correction for energy efficiency.

The TransPocket 180 also means that, for the first time ever, a single-phase 180 A stick (SMAW) welding machine is available. The hand-held welding torches are designed primarily for stick welding and can utilize electrodes with diameters up to 4 mm (5/32 in.). This latest generation of power sources is also suitable for TIG welding up to 220 A, with a new TIG Multi Connector and a welding torch with an Up/Down Function at the user's disposal to adjust the welding current directly on the torch. Two-step and four-step TIG welding is possible with the TransPocket, as well as current pulsing.

A digital control adjusts the characteristics of the power source to suit the welding electrode. This results in outstanding weld properties that are evident in the welding process, primarily because the electrode ignition is optimized, with a lower short circuit current and reduced spattering.

High voltage reserves at each operating point enable very high levels of arc stability. Another genuine innovation is the PFD technology, which automatically adjusts the power factor. Doing so adjusts the current consumption by the power source to match the sinusoidal grid voltage, in turn reducing the current consumed by the power source. This makes the device energy efficient, and minimizes disruptive repercussions in relation to the grid. Long power leads are also an option.

Fronius has also further optimized the design of the TransPocket: With its stable and robust plastic housing, the device is suitable for use in all areas of application. The delicate electronics are protected from dust and moisture, thanks partly to a permanent dust filter and improved cooling. These prevent contamination to the sensitive PC board by ensuring the air flow is routed away from it. Ergonomic handles make the power source easy to carry, while the protected seven-segment display is easy to read regardless of the lighting conditions. The user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, but still provides a variety of setting options. In addition to the protected service interface, which makes it easy to read out system information and update special characteristics, the optimized housing also makes it extremely easy to maintain.

A multi-voltage variant of the TransPocket 180 is also available. The ability to handle incoming voltages between 96 and 265 volts gives the user flexibility when operating the device. This is a major advantage when the available power changes from job site to job site. With its compact and hard-wearing structure, the TransPocket is also ideal for mobile use on construction sites.

Submerged arc flux for offshore welding

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new submerged arc flux designed for welding requirements for the offshore construction industry.

Optimized TIG welding

Fronius has developed a modified TIG welding process that addresses speed requirements as well as seam quality.

Copper-plated magnetic welding squares

Industrial Magnetics Inc. has announced a new line of copper-plated magnetic welding squares.

Double acting clamping vises

Schunk is expanding its KONTEC KSC-D series of double clamping vises.

Pulsed DC TIG inverter

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has announced that the Renegade ET 300iP DC TIG/Stick inverter, which features controls for pulsed TIG welding and high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc starts options, is now in stock and ready to ship in the U.S. and Canada.

IMTS Spotlight: Modular quick-change tooling

Exhibitor: Exsys Tool   Booth: W-1671

The Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system has a selection of adapters that hold different cutting tool and shank designs.

Weld mask designed for use in tight spaces

Miller Electric Mfg.  is expanding its Weld-Mask series with the introduction of Weld-Mask 2, an alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding market.

On-machine tool measurement with non-contact tool setter

Renishaw has launched NC4+ Blue, a new non-contact tool setter for on-machine tool measurement.

Renishaw and Altair launch joint AM production projects

Renishaw has joined forces with enterprise engineering software provider Altair to launch a series of projects aimed at bringing additive manufacturing into serial end use production.

Sandvik Coromant launches innovative turning technology

PrimeTurning is a new turning methodology that enables turning in all directions. The company says it delivers a 50 per cent or higher increase in productivity when compared to conventional turning solutions. 

CBN insert for sintered metals


BX470 is a new grade in the TurnLine program of Mini T-CBN inserts for machining of sintered metals.

FABTECH 2014: Fiber laser technology

Exhibitor: Prima Power    Booth: B2725

Control technology added to fibre laser machine

Mitsubishi Laser has added the new M800 control technology to its Advanced 800 Series eX-F fibre laser machine.

Portable oxy fuel/plasma cutting system

Crossbow is a new compact oxy fuel/plasma CNC cutting system from ESAB Cutting Systems that the company says is portable and economical.

Striker introduces costing assistant software

Striker Systems has announced the availability of a new software application that allows Striker CAD/CAM software users to generate a per-part cost of CNC cutting operations.

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