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The TruMatic 7000 from combines the best of both words: scratch-free punching and laser processing.

This high-end combination machine meets the most stringent demands for part quality, productivity and flexibility. The machine comes in two formats, medium and large, and can process sheet metal up to 5/16 of an inch.

"With the TruMatic 7000, sheet metal fabricators now have a highly dynamic solution,” said Mike Kroll, product manager of TruPunch and TruMatic machines. "This machine is efficient and powerful, and with its unique forming capabilities parts with previously unheard-of dimensions can be created,” he said.

Reliability and versatility are at the heart of this TRUMPF innovation. The machine features 4kW of laser power for the highest cutting dynamics, along with productive punching with a maximum stroke rate of 1200 1/min in the medium format, 1000 1/min in large format.

The TruMatic 7000 has an extremely fast laser flap cycle time of just one second, and the excellent beam quality of the TruFlow CO2 laser yields high-precision cutting results. Additional axes enable higher cutting speeds in combination with lower energy consumption and an increased cut quality.

In addition, the machine's rugged design enables a high degree of precision when producing contours, and scratch-free processing is achieved by lowering the active die during sheet positioning. Single cutting head strategy and fast nozzle changer facilitate unattended operation over multiple shifts, and an active die for extending forming capability allows for larger, higher forms and an active upward forming stroke.

The TruMatic 7000 is an award-winning machine, having received praise for its performance, functionality and safety from business and industry associations.

Product Manager Mike Kroll said, "When it comes to combination machines, the TruMatic 7000 is truly the benchmark.”


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