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The new Zeiss Rotos roughness sensor enables the use of coordinate measuring machines to completely inspect surface waviness and roughness – even on complex workpieces, and all in a single measurement run without any reclamping.

This cutting edge innovation simplifies and speeds up the measurement of all surface parameters from the drawing in a single measurement cycle.
The Zeiss Rotos sensor makes it possible to check the size, form and location tolerances together with the roughness parameters on a single machine. Instead of requiring separate stylus instruments to capture more significant form deviations, these can now be performed on Zeiss Prismo and Zeiss CenterMax CMMs. The sensor can easily be exchanged in as needed using an interface on the CMM probe. Depending on the measuring machine and the particular stylus, users can capture Ra roughness values of up to 0.03 µm with this new sensor.
The innovative design of the new Zeiss Rotos enables the inspection of nearly all workpiece characteristics. Thanks to the three rotatable, multiple stylus arms, it is also possible to measure deep boreholes and difficult-to-reach surfaces. Even overhead measurements are not a problem for the Zeiss Rotos.
The new features also include skidless styli intended for measuring roughness and waviness on sealing faces. Programming the surface parameters is quick and easy because the Zeiss Rotos is completely integrated in Calypso, the Zeiss measuring software.
Companies benefit from no longer having to invest in separate systems for at-line roughness measurements. With the Zeiss Rotos sensor, the operator also avoids having to reclamp parts and transport them between roughness measurement systems and CMMs. Surface roughness can be analyzed and visualized in a customized, professional display together with size, form and location in Zeiss PiWeb reporting.
The Zeiss Rotos makes measuring processes faster, more reliable, more flexible and more efficient. These sensors are available for immediate order from Zeiss Industrial Metrology or its authorized dealers.

High flexibility tool grinder

Grind and re-sharpen rotationally symmetrical tools with the Walter Helitronic Raptor from United Grinding Group.

Long tool stability

GROB Systems’ new G550 5-axis universal machining centre features a new milling concept and extremely stable and precise cutting.

3D laser metal fusion printer

TRUMPF has introduced the TruPrint 1000, a 3D printer with laser metal fusion (LMF) technology.

Turning tough metals

Acquiring expertise in turning high-temperature alloys and other tough materials helps expand a shop’s options in otherwise consolidating markets.

Automation and nesting enhancements to CAD/CAM software

The 2018 R1 release of Alphacam from Vero Software includes considerable enhancements to automation and nesting functions.


Fast automated bending and part forming

Salvagnini’s newest family of automated panel benders is the P4 panel benders.

Multiprocess manual welding devices

Fronius has added two additional multiprocess devices to its manual welding range.

Stand alone controller for resistance welding

CenterLine has launched VeriFast MicroView, the latest addition to its fastener detection system product line.

Self-aligning tool clamping on press brakes without compressed air piping

Gasparini has introduced self-aligning tool clamping without compressed air piping, AIC AirSlide pneumatic tool adapters for press brakes.

Semi automatic double column bandsaw

The model H5 SA semi automatic double column bandsaw from Kalamazoo Industries has been designed to produce accurate vertical cuts in structural steel.

M500 inductive encoders

Leine Linde has added new M500 encoders to its line of rotary encoders.

CNC turning centres

Mazak has designed its Quick Turn 200/250 Series of CNC turning centres as a flexible machine base suitable for numerous configurations.

BIG Kaiser expands collet chuck offering

BIG Kaiser has expanded its Mega ER Grip collet chuck offering with more options, including BBT30, BBT40 and BBT50 tapers.

Milling machines metaltech report

GF AgieCharmilles
1G acceleration
Designed for the production of tools, moulds and high quality parts, the GF AgieCharmilles Mikron HPM 800U HD five axis high performance machining centre features High Dynamics (HD) technology that delivers 1G machine acceleration rates for fast precision part processing and significantly reduces non-cut time.

4th generation five axis milling, mill-turn machine

DMG MORI's DMC 80 FD is the forth generation duoBlock machine for five axis milling and mill-turn machining, re-engineered for improved performance, according to the company.

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