Voortman's new V807 Robotic Thermal Profile ProcessorClick image to enlarge

Voortman Steel Machinery has introduced the V807 Robotic Thermal Profile Processor.

The new plasma and oxy-fuel coping solution follows Voortman’s V808 profile processor. The V807 has a reduced footprint and installation time while maintaining processing power and throughput efficiency.

Voortman says the V807 production capacity is up to three times that of other models and suppliers in robotic thermal profile processing. The company also claims that ROI is achieved faster with the V807.

Input for the V807’s design was based on Voortman Steel Group’s experience and expertise in structural steel fabrication. A priority was placed on reducing the footprint and boosting ease of operator access. Installation is simplified with a “pick-and-place” design where nearly all the machine hardware and electronics is contained in the main housing.

The V807 robot can reach all four sides of the material without needing to turn the profile. Click image to enlarge

The V807 robot can reach all four sides of the material without needing to turn the profile. Layout marking, bolt holes, slots, flange-removals, bevels and more can all be processed in a single pass. Voortman says this will result in more finished cut-to-length parts in a normal day’s production compared to other robotic steel profile cutting machines.

The V807 is equipped with Voortman’s VACAM 4.0 machine control software, accessed via a new 24-inch multi-touch control panel and simplified user interface.

Switching from plasma to oxy-fuel cutting has been made easier and faster. If the machine ever needs to move location or change flow, the all-in-one machine body makes moving the V807 easier. All that’s needed to change the flow of material through the machine is a software settings change.

Standard configurations of the V807 are in stock and ready for delivery and installation. The V807 can be configured as a standalone machine but can also be included in a larger processing system, connecting to other Voortman machines.

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