TungForceRec shoulder milling cutter system Click image to enlarge

Tungaloy has added R0.0 corner radius inserts and a line of modular heads to TungForce-Rec, an indexable small diameter shoulder milling cutter series.

The TungForce-Rec shoulder milling cutter system incorporates V bottom inserts to ensure high insert clamping rigidity in shouldering, slotting, pocketing and 3D profiling applications.
To satisfy near-zero corner radius requirements on the workpiece in a shouldering or slotting process, manufacturers resorted to solid carbide end mills. The addition of R0.0 cornered inserts to the –MJ and –AJ insert lines further expands TungForce-Rec’s operation capabilities in all material groups.
To improve chatter stability on Swiss machines, small part manufacturers prefer a tool overhang to be as short as possible. With a new line of small diameter TungForce-Rec modular heads, a shorter tool assembly is possible for better part quality in a wide range of applications.
Providing high part quality and machining stability, TungForce-Rec’s new lineups will contribute to further improvement of productivity and cost-per-part economy.
At a Glance:
 Part quality – The V bottom insert contact retains the insert securely in place, preventing it from moving during machining. The result is improved part’s wall and surface quality.
 Stability – The insert’s large rake angle provides light cutting action, while its obtuse cross section improves cutting edge integrity
 R0.0 corner radius – Ensures smooth and efficient profiling of near-zero corner radii on the workpiece
 Small part manufacturing – Small diameter modular head provides high tool rigidity with no interference.

Software for offline programming of laser machines

Prima Power has expanded its range of software with the introduction of the Fastsuite Prima Power Edition, a product developed by Cenit AG for Prima Power.

PCD drills for composite holemaking

Seco's CX1 and CX2 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) drills for composite holemaking help eliminate issues with uncut fibers or delamination in composite machining, claims the company.

Retrofitting CNC systems against cyberattacks

Fanuc America has introduced an upgrade package for out of date industrial PCs running on operating systems older than Windows 10.

New tool holding products mirror modern metalworking demands

In general, tool holding (tooling) equipment has not undergone any fundamental changes for a long time.

Multi-stage filtration to meet lubricant oil mist exposure limits

The Handte Oil Expert from Camfil APC helps facility operators reduce exhaust emissions to meet the current OSHA 5.0 mg/m3 exposure limit for oil mist.

Flexible robot vision

OnRobot is launching a software update for its 2.5D camera-based Eyes vision system to empower manufacturers to gain even greater productivity increases from their automation.

Pinch-peel grinder

Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart NP30 replaces the original NP3+ model of pinch/peel grinder.

Collision monitoring transducer connects to PLC

Marposs' new standalone Artis VM-02 features a MEMS or three axis piezoelectric monitoring sensor that measures in-process machine tool acceleration values, helping to minimize damages after a dynamic crash.

CAD/CAM software for multi axis precision laser systems

Prima Power Laserdyne has released FastTrim CAD/CAM software for use with its multi axis precision laser processing systems.

High speed vertical machining centre

The new DMP 70 from DMG MORI offers a small footprint with an extensive work area.

Robotic air cooled guns

Tregaskiss has introduced the third evolution of its Tough Gun robotic air cooled MIG gun product line, the Tough Gun CA3 and Tough Gun TA3.

New machine for simultaneous turning and milling

GF Machining Solutions has introduced the Mikron Mill P 800 U ST (Simultaneous Turning) machine that performs milling and turning operations.

Five axis clamping system

KIPP is a compact five axis clamping system from WTO, distributed in Canada by Mittmann.

Victor realigns Tweco brand

Victor Technologies has repositioned Tweco as its single brand for specialty welding products and arc accessories. Starting with the Tweco Fabricator 3-in-1 welding machines, and continuing throughout the entire Thermal Arc product line, all welding products will transition to the Tweco brand.

HMC reduces floor space by 20%

Kitamura Machinery's new Mycenter-HX300iG is a new high speed compact #40 HMC that is 20 per cent smaller than the company's 400 mm and offers the same power, accuracy and reliability.

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