LVD Strippit PX-1530 punch press can punch, form, bend and tapClick image to enlarge

The LVD Strippit PX-1530 punch press can punch, form, bend and tap to efficiently complete multiple processes, including complex, three dimensional parts.

With a capacity of up to 200 tools, the ability to use any tool at any angle anywhere on the sheet, and the ability to form flanges up to 75 mm (3 in.) high, this PX-Series machine offers high versatility, says the company.

The Strippit PX single head system provides 20 indexable tool stations able to hold any size tool, up to a maximum tool diameter of 9 mm (3.54 in.). Set-up and tool change time is reduced thanks to the circular tool magazine that allows every tool to fully rotate for total flexibility.

It can bend small boxes, brackets, knockouts, louvers and countersinks with flange heights up to 75 mm (3 in.). Parts at any rotational angle on the sheet can be formed, punched, and bent. These capabilities reduce set-up time and part handling.

An Energy Reduction System minimizes the machine’s power consumption.

The punch press is equipped with the latest LVD Touch-P control, a touch screen graphical icon driven control designed to help easily operate the machine and adjust individual parameters.

Angle, straight line cutting for tubes and profiles

Soco's new tube cutting saw, the SA-150NC-Mitre is an automatic angle cutting system with capacity up to O.D. 152 mm, and is equipped with a four servo controlled axis.

IMTS Spotlight: Modular quick-change tooling

Exhibitor: Exsys Tool   Booth: W-1671

The Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system has a selection of adapters that hold different cutting tool and shank designs.

Abrasive cutting floor unit

The AbrasiMet XL Pro is a floor-standing automatic abrasive cutting machine for 14-in. [356 mm] to 18-in. [457 mm] blades.

Small footprint mechanized pipe welding system

Lincoln Electric has announced the new Mini Pantheon mechanized pipe welding system.

Finish internal and external grooves

Horn USA has released its FB geometry, a solution for finishing internal and external grooves.

Press brake for large and small jobs

Scotchman Industries new PressPro hydraulic presses are industrial-grade machines ideal for fabrication, bending and forming, straightening, assembly, maintenance operations, testing and quality control. 

Upgraded power straightener series

The upgraded Series 250 power straightener from COE Press Equipment features design enhancements to enable processing of a wider range of materials including Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS).

Cooling laser cut material

TRUMPF has introduced CoolLine, a new option for its TRUMPF 2D laser cutting machines which implements a water mist to cool material as it is laser cut. CoolLine is fully integrated into the cutting process by way of a specially designed laser cutting head, varying nozzles and a water supply tank. With CoolLine, fabricators achieve higher quality cuts with smaller contours or greater complexity for increased flexibility and have the ability to nest parts more closely together.

Fiber laser cutting system cuts processing time in half

Amada’s FOL3015AJ is engineered to produce the highest quality parts at unmatched speed while reducing operating costs and environmental waste.

Saw cutting system with stronger leg structure

SawGear is a portable, automatic lineal cutting system made by TigerStop, that now has a more robust leg structure to its optional jobsite tables. The new table legs were provide increased stability. The new legs branch in two directions from a direct connection point. They are connected at the top to the table with a sheet metal faceplate. The tables come in three different lengths to accommodate the 8, 12, or 16 ft working length SawGear.

Intelligent fiber laser cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has released a new OptiFlex fiber laser cutting series with its Zeta 9 technology, a series of six intelligent setup functions and three intelligent monitoring functions designed to reduce operator dependency and improve throughput and cut quality.

Intuitive display unit for linear scales

Mitutoyo Canada Inc.'s new KA-200 Counter is an updated display unit for linear scales with new features and functions that make it a good addition to manual machine retrofit packages, says the company.

Maximum flexibility chuck jaws

Schunk’s ROTA-M flex 2+2, is a low-maintenance chuck jaw with a compensating mechanism that provides a very long compensation stroke.

Dyna Contact ceramic taper gauge

BIG Kaiser has added the Dyna Contact to its product offering.

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