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The new eP-1030 press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metalworking. The numerical control and servo drives are designed and manufactured by Prima Power. They help achieve high dynamics and consequently short cycle times. The machine is highly productive and energy efficient; maximum power requirement of a 105 ton press brake is 6 kW. Energy is used solely during actual bending and only as much as required.

Power transmission by a pulley mechanism distributes force evenly over the whole bending length and eliminates deflection of the upper beam during loading. The steel reinforced polyurethane belt used for power transmission has low noise level and is practically insensitive to wear.

Control or servo drives and the exceptional O-frame design contribute to highly accurate operation; the yawning typical of C-frames does not occur. The linear sensors used for monitoring the position of the upper beam have been mounted on separate auxiliary frames: positioning accuracy is ± 0.005 mm.

The machine control features a 2D graphical interface with a 17 in. touch screen. Automatic calculation function of the bending is standard and prevents collisions. Using Autopol programming system 3D visualization of the work piece is made with zoom, rotation and pan functions.

The new Block Laser version by Lazer Safe provides both safety and high productivity. The operator can hold the work piece close to the bending line with no effect to the fast approach movement of the ram. Speed change point is only 2 mm above the surface of the material.

Prima Power

Unique machining concept: Multi-task turning

Mazak's Orbitec 20 is a unique machine originally developed as a customized solution for a customer application.

Fast setup with new punch holders

Wilson Tool launched an innovative, yet simple approach to punch holding at the recent FABECH 2011 show in Chicago, IL.

Improved tool-spindle connection rigidity

When machining tough materials like titanium, there is a need for a spindle connection that makes the best use of available power.

Better welding performance for sub arc apps

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products’s new Aristo 1000 AC/DC power source for sub arc welding is an inverter power source that can be connected to three-phase input voltage supply (from 380 to 575V at 50 or 60 Hz).

Multisensor measuring for complex parts

Carl Zeiss's O-Inspect multisensor measuring machine offers easy, accurate and efficient measurement of complext parts, claims the company.

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