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During its the "Innovation Days 2019" event at its headquarters in Collegno (TO), the Prima Industrie Group opened its new Advanced Laser Center, a new 4000 sq m (43,055 sq. ft.) facility dedicated to research and innovation in advanced laser manufacturing systems.

During the event, which more than 300 visitors attended, Prima Industrie unveiled new solutions for metal additive manufacturing from Prima Additive, the division that specializes in turnkey solutions for powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition technologies.

Prima Industrie presented the Print Genius 250, a new PBF machine with a construction volume of 262 X 262 X 350 mm (10.3 X 10.3 X 13.7 in.), suitable for the production of medium-sized components. Print Genius 250’s dual 500 W single-mode laser reduces production time, and the intelligent software enables faster part orientation and definition of machine parameters. The machine also has optimized gas flow and is capable of a complete material change in under two hours. Print Genius 250 is equipped with a two line filter unit for the recirculation of the gas inside the work area, which improves cleanliness of the machine and minimizes part wear. The new HMI allows real time monitoring of the building environment, the building plate, the dispenser and the recoater, while also generating reports with all traceable key printing parameters.

Print Genius 250 is suitable for the processing of a wide range of materials: stainless steel, maraging steel, high-temperature nickel-base alloy (Inconel), titanium, cobalt-chromium, aluminium and copper alloys, and high strength steel.

Innovation Days attendees also saw the Print Sharp 250 PBF machine, which has a construction volume of 250 X 250 X 300 mm (9.8 X 9.8 X 11.8 in.). The system is equipped with the Convergent CS450 proprietary laser, a high efficiency fiber source developed by the Prima Industrie Group based on its experience in laser technologies.

As part of the Direct Energy Deposition technology showcase at Innovation Days, Prima Industrie also presented the Laserdyne 430 DED compact laser metal deposition platform, which has a working volume of 585 X 400 X 500 mm (23 X 15.7 X 19.7 in.), a high build rate (max 40-50 cm3/h (2.44-3.0 cu. in.) – typical 20 cm3/h (1.2 cu. in.)), and enhanced end-part properties suitable for 3D fabrication, reworking and repairing.

The Laserdyne 430 DED is equipped with the Advanced Head multipurpose DED laser head with modular design that can be mounted in different configurations to adapt to multiple laser processes. Some advantages of the new head are the fusion pool monitoring, the pressurized optical path that avoids dust infiltration, and the water-cooled additive-made nozzle for continuous deposition, which reduces the risk of powder adhesion during the process. The head also offers easy maintenance and fast alignment of the powder/laser spot.

Iscar: High speed face milling cutters

Iscar Tool's latest innovations includes new adjustable-pocket face mills in the Alutang family, designed to carry primarily PCD or PCBN tipped inserts for use on cast iron, hardened steel, aluminum or any other non-metallic materials.

Makino: Reduced thermal distortion in EDMs

Makino's latest Ram EDM machinery, the new EDAF Series, features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion.

Haas: High performance turning

The new Haas ST-40 is the latest and largest addition to Haas Automation's line of new generation turning centres.

Feeler: Milling lathes

Feeler milling lathes and turning centres from Methods Machine Tools Inc. are high performance machines available in multiple configurations to meet the flexible needs of manufacturers. The machines are now available in Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) through newly appointed distributor, SMS Machine Tools, Toronto.

Nikon Metrology: Anti-mould microscope design

Nikon Metrology Inc.'s latest stereoscopic microscope, the SMZ-745, is an airtight, anti-electrostatic and anti-mould designed microscope that prevents samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge, as well as contaminants such as dust and water.

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