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Bystronic’s press brake technology is available in virtually any press brake you currently use with its extended line of press brake tooling, claims the company.

Bystronic XPT Tooling is compatible with Wila NSCL II type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems, offering flexibility to expand upon existing tooling systems. It will fit virtually any press brake in a shop today.

XPT Tooling features:

  • Compatible with Wila NSCL II type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems
  • Self-seating and segmented front-loading tool technology
  • Precision ground and deep hardened for long tool life

Bystronic RF-A Tooling is a new tooling system that maintains high quality segmented  tooling features with the added benefit of increased tool clamping capabilities. This system is 100% compatibility with the Bystronic bending database at the machine control.

RF-A Tooling features:

  • Available with upper and lower hydraulic clamping systems
  • Engineered to provide high clamping pressure for tooling rigidity
  • Self-seating and segmented front-loading tool technology
  • Precision ground and deep hardened for long tool life


Rollomatic Femto-Second Laser Cutting Machine for Ultra Hard Materials

Rollomatic has announced the launch of a femto-second laser cutting machine for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and other ultra-hard materials.

Robotic nozzle cleaning station cuts costs

Tregaskiss has introduced the Tough Gun TT3E Reamer, a robotic nozzle cleaning station with digital Ethernet communications to better integrate into companies' digital controls infrastructure.

Small footprint, big bore turning centre

Haas Automation has introduced a turning centre for shops wanting more capacity without the space requirements of larger footprint lathes. ST-15 is the latest and smallest addition to the the company's big bore machine line.

Modular design air cooled torch

The new Abirob Cyclone torch from Abicor features infinite 360 degree rotation and current transfer for high production operations.

Autofeed bandsaw

Tormach Inc. has introduced the AF50 autofeed bandsaw.

Economically priced positioner and turning roll lines

Koike Aronson has introduced low-priced MD positioner and MD turning roll lines. These new machines are engineered and manufactured completely in the US.

ERP in the cloud

Cloud computing continues to transform the ERP landscape

By Andrew Brooks

In the early days of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, one of the main complaints customers had was that the sheer scale and complexity of the software made implementation difficult and error-prone. Early failure rates were high. And small to mid-sized enterprises were left out; these costly, massive, one-size fits-all solutions were beyond the reach of all but the largest customers.

MIG consumables for MIG torch series

ESAB brand Tweco has introduced the VELOCITY2 series of MIG consumables for the Spray Master, Classic Number and Supra SEHD series MIG torches.

Non contact safety switch

norelem has launched a new magnetically coded safety switch.

Heavy duty packaging for submerged Arc Flux

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products' new Flux Pack packaging for its OK line of submerged arc welding flux uses heavy duty LDPE (low density polyethylene) material to protect dry agglomerated welding flux against moisture re-absorption from the atmosphere.

Copy turning system for internal machining

Walter has introduced the W1211/W1210 copy turning system for boring bars, imparting a higher level of dimensional stability and indexing accuracy to internal machining, including profiling (copy turning), facing, and axial grooving.

Angular positioning for micromachining

The new SRP 5000 angular positioning system from Heidenhain incorporates the company's MRP 500 angle encoder with accomplished bearing technology and an ETEL torque motor with ultra low detent torque.

Higher deposition rates with metal-cored wire

The FabCOR F6 metal-cored wire from Hobart provides higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than solid wires to help increase productivity on single-pass, flat and horizontal welding applications.

Prep tool for orbital welding

ESCO Tool offers a heavy-duty I.D. clamping pipe milling end prep tool that can J-prep bevel, face, and bore all hard pipe alloys in preparation for orbital welding.

High speed electronic weld head for miniature parts welding

Amada Miyachi America Inc.'s new Series 300 electronic weld head offers the precisely controlled weld force profile ideal for miniature parts welding, according to the company. Originally released more than twenty years ago, there are more than 1000 Series 300 electronic weld heads in use all over the world, with more than half going into operation in the last decade.

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