Ingersoll Gold-QuadF toolingClick image to enlargeGold-QuadF high-feed cutters from Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co. feature robust edge geometries to promote longer tool life and super-free cutting geometries for removal rates up to 66 per cent higher.

In all models, an integrated radial wiper produces uniform finishes and eliminates secondary finish operations, and all contain premium milling grades with the latest post-coating treatment technology.

The single sided insert design has four indexes and a high incline insert screw for stable insert seating:

  • SDXS0904MPR - MM: Free-machining multi-purpose geometry ideal for machining ductile carbon, alloy and stainless steels
  • SDXS0904MPR - MR: Strong geometry with landed edge for steels, hardened steels and abusive conditions
  • SDXS0904MPR - MRH: Strong geometry is heavily-landed for maximum edge strength in steels and in the most abusive conditions
  • SDXS0904MPR - MR1: Keen cutting edge with reinforced flank geometry developed for Ti and other high temperature materials

High feed cutters for oil and gas work

Iscar has introduced the Tang4Feed family of high feed shell mill cutters for oil and gas applications.

Cutting Challenges

by Tim Wilson

Composites hole drilling comes clean


Composites are finding their way into more and more industry applications, with aerospace leading the way. From a holemaking perspective, challenges emerge as materials change, with stacked composites including metals, such as aluminum and titanium. As well, carbon fiber composites can be very thin, which increases the risk of delamination or splintering.

Walter launches informational cutting tools portable

Walter USA has launched an informational, customizable online cutting tools portal called "my.Walter."

Tool holders for live turning

REGO-FIX USA has partnered with tooling system manufacturer WTO GmbH to develop a line of powRgrip holders for its QuickFlex quick-change driven toolholders for live turning systems.

Five axis power vise with adjustable centre

Schunk has expanded its line of power-amplified five axis vises.

Contamination-resistant angle encoder

Heidenhain’s new ECM 2400 absolute modular magnetic angle encoder resists contamination and comes with functional safety (FS) for machine feedback.

OnRobot's screwdriver EOA fits most robots

OnRobot’s latest end-of-arm “Screwdriver” allows manufacturers to automate a wide range of assembly processes quickly, easily, and flexibly. 

4 and 5 flute options on high feed end mills

Seco has expanded the high feed machining capability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid carbide end mil with new four and five flute options.

Six axis collaborative robot

The new six-axis HC10 collaborative robot from Yaskawa Motoman can work safely with – or close to – human operators.

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