Lincoln Electric's APEX 30M mechanized controller Click image to enlarge

Lincoln Electric has introduced a lightweight and portable contoller and wire feeder for orbital welding, the APEX 30M.

The APEX 30M can be located up to 100 feet (30.5 m) from the welding power source while still giving the operator full system access through the pendant, making this controller a completely versatile solution for field and shop applications.

The APEX 30M controls and monitors processes for consistency and logs data for reporting and archiving needs in a variety of applications – structural, maritime, power generation, process piping and construction.

Operators can combine the APEX 30M with a HELIX M85 orbital weld head and a Power Wave S series welder or Vantage/Air Vantage ArcLink enabled engine driven welder/generator to create a completely versatile solution. On the job, this compact unit eliminates additional equipment, such as cranes, fixtures and platforms and simplifies cable management for easy portability. And, it requires minimal setup.

“The APEX 30M mechanized controller, designed with the operator in mind, can be located up to 100 feet from the welding power source allowing the operator to focus on the weld, not the equipment,” states Carlos Richmond, product manager of mechanized automation. “The new system offers portability and versatility of use and greater efficiency for achieving superior orbital MIG welds.”

Available accessories include the APEX operator pendant, Power Wave Advanced Process Module, Power Wave STT® Process Module and the HELIX Quick Release Track Ring and Shoe Extensions.

Filler metal selector, calculator app for Android

Hobart has announced the availability of its Hobart Filler Metal Selector and Calculator for Android devices via a free download at the Google Play Store. The app was previously available only for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

Electronic weld head for miniature parts welding

Amada Miyachi America Inc.'s Series 300 electronic weld head offers a controlled weld force profile ideal for miniature parts welding.

Laser welder with temperature control

Amada Miyachi America Inc. has introduced the new ML-5120A 120-watt direct diode laser (DDL) welder for soldering and plastic welding.

Robotic steel profile cutting

Voortman Steel Machinery has introduced the V807 Robotic Thermal Profile Processor.

Optimized machining of nickel-based and titanium high temperature alloys

Over the past few years, Iscar has invested in R&D to optimize the machining of nickel-based and titanium high temperature alloys, with solutions that include the creation of customized grades and implementation of high pressure coolant technologies to develop cutting tools that will handle the heat issues.

Jaw nuts and keys

Dillon Manufacturing's jaw nuts and keys provide what the company describes as "superior wear resistance, impact resistance, higher tensile strength and extended jaw nut life. 

New machine offers advantages of an HMC and boring mill

Mazak Corp.'s new HCN-16000Q horizontal machining centre, recently installed in the company's North American plant in Florence, KY, to help the company ramp up production, features a double column, quill-head design to allow the machine to perform operations of an HMC and a boring mill.

IMTS Spotlight: Modular quick-change tooling

Exhibitor: Exsys Tool   Booth: W-1671

The Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system has a selection of adapters that hold different cutting tool and shank designs.

Press brake versatility

The HRB Press Brake Series from Amada leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to your specific challenges.

New CAD/CAM software for laser, bending and waterjet cutting

Bystronic Inc., has introduced new software features for its laser, bending and waterjet product lines. PartID is a new feature of the company's BySoft 7 CAD/CAM software. 

Slip proof clamping system

Rego-Fix has introduced a new slip proof clamping system, the intRlox Mini Nut.

Finish internal and external grooves

Horn USA has released its FB geometry, a solution for finishing internal and external grooves.

New Walter shoulder milling cutter reduces finishing

Walter has introduced a shoulder milling cutter, the M5137 Xtra┬Ětec

Welding fume control system

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Statiflex Complete weld fume control system series, available in a 4, 8 or 12 bank configuration.

Creaform's 3D scanner now certified byAirbus

Creaform's portable 3D scanner, the HandyScan 3D, has been certified by Airbus and will be added to the company’s next Technical Equipment Manual (TEM) release.

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