Gorillabel from InfoSight Corp. is made from transparent a Gorilla Glass disk.Click image to enlargeGorillabel from InfoSight Corp. is a label technology that helps workers identify components used in highly abrasive environments. 

The identification label, which is pre-marked by InfoSight, is made from transparent a Gorilla Glass disk. Countersinking the label into a shallow machined pocket maintains the surface level of the component. 

After severe abrasion, simply wiping the label with a liquid which matches the glass index of refraction restores its clarity. 

The label will survive anything the component must survive, including:

  • boilouts - cleaning at or above boiling temperatures (100oC/212oF) and high pH (12 or above)
  • long term immersion in temperatures over 300oC (570oF)
  • extended slurry abrasion

This rugged barcoded label was developed for downhole petroleum drilling component identification. Other potential applications include fracking components, mining components, and bulldozer and backhoe parts.

Data vital to the operation of each component, such as maintenance records and length of service, is immediately available to the operator with a simple smart phone scan.  This is useful for planning maintenance on equipment and reducing risks to both production and safety.   


Lincoln brings weld fume extraction manufacturing inhouse

Lincoln Electric has brought manufacturing for its weld fume extraction equipment and systems in-house, offering greater control over the manufacturing process, says the company. Because all fume removal solutions now are produced by Lincoln Electric, customers will have access to a complete line of products designed to be simple, reliable, effective and affordable.

Panel bender with automated functions

Salvagnini has upgraded its all electric P1 panel bender to create an adaptive machine for flexible kit and single piece part production. The machine is being showcased at FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

Enhanced productivity with submerged arc welding

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products‘s ICE technology is a submerged arc welding technology that enhances productivity by using an Integrated Cold Electrode, which yields higher deposition rates without increasing heat input.

End mills for tough aerospace materials

Seco Tools has introduced the Jabro-Solid2 JS750 end mills.

Gold insert line extended

Walter has announced several extensions to its Tiger┬Ětec Gold inserts.

Tube measurement software with unique license

Hexagon's much-anticipated update to tube design, analysis and production platform TubeShaper delivers important new functionalities to customers in tube and pipe manufacturing. 

Smallest series-produced dynamometer

Kistler has introduced the MicroDyn 9109AA, the world's smallest series-produced cutting force meter.

Next gen boring tools for smoother machining

Sandvik Coromant has introduced its next generation of rough boring tools, which includes a Silent Tools solution.

Metalworking duct collector

The Craftex CX series dust collector collects chips and abrasive dust from belt and disc produced during cutting, finishing and grinding operations.

Fume extraction guns upgraded, rebranded

Bernard has announced changes to its fume extraction gun offering.

Machinery evaluation program

Fives Group has introduced a new machinery evaluation program to assess machine tools.

Walter unveils new round insert milling cutter

Walter has introduced the Xtra┬ĚTec XT M5468 round insert milling cutter for copy, face, ramping, pocket, and circular interpolation milling.

Lightweight magnetic drilling units redesigned

The heavy-duty ICECUT line of magnetic drilling units from Walter Surface Technologies has been given a new design.

Universal compensation unit for robotic bin picking

Schunk has introduced the AGE-U six axis compensation unit.

Five axis fiber laser for 3D parts

BLM Group USA has introduced a five axis, fiber laser machine for cutting three dimensional parts, the LT-Free.

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