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Salvagnini has upgraded its all electric P1 panel bender to create an adaptive machine for flexible kit and single piece part production. The machine is being showcased at FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

With up to three times the throughput of a press brake and zero setup time, customers will find the P1 panel bender to be an indispensible addition to their manufacturing infrastructure. The P1 offers the distinctive features of Salvagnini’s larger panel benders: automatic blankholder setup, universal tooling, the briefest of cycle times, and programming software for 2D drawings and for 3D models that adds built-in skill and craftsmanship to the part forming process. If you’re capable of loading a blank and unloading a finished part, you can produce a high quality product on a Salvagnini P1 panel bender.

New features of the P1 include, but are not limited to:

  • Asymmetric Auxiliary Bending capability for making interrupted bends of up to 25”
  • Automatic Blankholder Adjustment (ABA) found on Salvagnini’s larger machines is now available on the 2016 P1
  • A Last Bend Down capability comes standard on the 2016 model
  • All-electric operation

Easy to own, easy to operate and easy to maintain, the new P1 panel bender reliabily forms both simple and complex parts of the highest quality with no operator intervention. Setups take just four seconds. Individual bends only two seconds. Only 3 kW of power is consumed during operation and takes up only 8 m (86 sq ft) of floor space.

Less is more with EXP punch technology

A fraction of the size of standard punches, EXPpunch technology from Wilson Tool International is more productive, more durable and more affordable than other punch press tooling.

New double column bridge design five axis machine

The Hurco BX40Ui 5-Axis CNC is a new double-column machining center, with trunnion table mounted along the Y-axis.

EDMs for large workpieces

Makino has introduced two sinker EDMs for larger workpieces: EDNC6 and EDNC8.

CVD grade for cast iron turning

Tungaloy Corp. is further expanding its T515 range, a CVD grade with what it describes as unmatched performance in cast iron turning.

Aviation clamping system for handling large parts

The Vero-S Aviation product line from Schunk is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately.

Compact TIG and stick inverter

Weldcote’s Striker 200 welding inverter for TIG and stick welding is a digital AC/DC welding machine with great performance and technology at an excellent value.

No setup or downtime for smart factories

by Andrei Petrilin, Iscar technical manager

Manufacturing's push towards comprehensive digitizing will impact almost all stages: product design, process planning, machining, assembly and logistics. The driving force behind the changes is a series of technological breakthroughs related to Industry 4.0.

Welding carriage delivers higher welding speeds

Fronius says its ArcRover 22 welding carriage has played a significant role in helping a custom ventilation pipe system manufacturer deal with a demanding assignment.

Shop-hardened digital readout

MetLogix Mx200 digital readouts (DRO) from the L.S. Starrett Co., are now available for its broad line of Optical Comparators.

FABTECH 2017 debut for collaborative robot welding system

ARC Specialties and Universal Robots will spotlight their SnapWeld Collaborative Robotic Welding package at FABTECH 2017.

Chipbreaker insert added to turning tool series

Tungaloy is expanding its MiniForce-Turn turning tool series with the new -JS style chipbreaker.

Weld visualization technology and 3D welding helmet

SRI International has partnered with Kawada Technologies and Kawada Industries to introduce weld visualization technology and a 3D welding helmet.

High feed milling cutter with upgraded stability

Walter’s Xtra·tec XT M5008, an indexable high-feed milling cutter handles high-feed-per-tooth processes with low axial depths of cut.

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