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Yaskawa Cockpit

January 12, 2020

Yaskawa Cockpit is a new software platform that monitors, accumulates and visually delivers operational data in real time for networked production environments.

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Amada EML 2515 punch fiber laser machine

January 12, 2020

Amada's EML-AJ Series is a high speed punch/fiber laser combination machine designed to perform multiple processes on a single machine for maximum production flexibility.

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Prod 2 Walter Surface Technologies grinder grip app

January 8, 2020

The Grinder Grip from Walter attaches to your grinder so you can quickly stick it to any ferrous metal surface when not in use.

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Prod 1 Iscar Main image Fig. 1. MULTI MASTER Heads

January 8, 2020

by Andrei Petrilin, Iscar technical manager

Manufacturing's push towards comprehensive digitizing will impact almost all stages: product design, process planning, machining, assembly and logistics. The driving force behind the changes is a series of technological breakthroughs related to Industry 4.0.

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Tungaloy's DrillMeister indexable head drill line includes the DMC style drill head with self-centering chisel edge profile

January 5, 2020

Tungaloy’s DrillMeister indexable head drill line now includes the DMC style drill head that features a self-centering chisel edge profile in a new coating grade designed to boost indexable drilling performance.

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Fanuc's new lightweight CRX collaborative robot sets new standards for ease of use, reliability and safety, says the company

January 5, 2020

Fanuc has introduced two collaborative robots, the CRX-10/A and CRC-10/A/L (long arm version), that debuted at the 2019 International Robot Exhibition in December 2019. The new robots will be available in Q2 2020.

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TRUMPF's Track & Trace connected solution for intralogistics

December 17, 2019

TRUMPF has introduced another key component of Industry 4.0 connected manufacturing with its new Track & Trace, which allows customers to determine the position of parts within a a few inches, enabling them to reduce throughput times on the shop floor and increase productivity.

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Iscar's tool assembly in E-CAT

December 17, 2019

The digitization of manufacturing – a key element of Industry 4.0 - is redefining production methods and the metalworking industry is taking note, despite its characteristic traditionalism. Metalworkers have started to adapt to this new environment by building or overhauling systems to facilitate more efficient processes.

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Prism fume extraction systems from Lincoln Electric

December 10, 2019

Lincoln Electric has launched Prism, a new fume extraction system with robotic welding and plasma cutting systems in mind. 

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MC Machinery System's new automatic tool changer for its BH series of dual drive press brakes

December 8, 2019

MC Machinery has introduced a new high capacity automatic tool changer for its BH series of dual drive press brakes.

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