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Rego Fix reCool through-coolant system

July 20, 2016

Rego-Fix has introduced a new addition to its line of reCool retrofittable coolant-through sytems, the reCool RCR/ERM which allows for the use of emulsion or pure oil coolants.

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Trnaslas Application Extractor

July 17, 2016

Translas' new welding torch, the Extractor, extracts 90 per cent of unhealthy welding fumes, according to the company.

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Lincoln Electric AutoDrive S robotic wire drive

July 17, 2016

Lincoln Electric's new AutoDrive S is a servo driven wire feed system for robotic welding cells that provides a solution for industries requiring precise automated MIG welding on steel, including trailer manufacturing, automotive and general fabrication applications.

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Tregaskiss Tough Gun reamer stand

July 17, 2016

Tregaskiss now offers a new Tough Gun reamer stand designed for its Tough Gun TT3 and TT3E reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations.

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HGG Acorn piping software for precision cuts and bevels

July 17, 2016

HGG Pipe-Cutting Machines, combined with new Acorn Piping Software, deliver precision shape cutting and beveling, while eliminating the time consuming and costly need for operator calculation, says the company.

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Jet Edge mid rail gantry waterjet system runs up to 4 cutting heads

July 8, 2016

Jet Edge has introduced its latest generation of Mid Rail Gantry waterjet systems, which can run up to four cutting heads and cut virtually any material.

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ABB Robotics' SafeMove2 latest generation robot monitoring system

July 8, 2016

ABB Robotics has launched SafeMove2, the latest generation of its safety certified robot monitoring software, which the company says delivers greater flexibility, space savings and cutting edge commissioning tools for greater productivity at a lower total investment cost. This, combined with unsurpassed safety, enables closer collaboration between robots and factory workers.

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BLM Group USA's 3D fiber laser tube cutting system

July 8, 2016

BLM Group USA has launched a fiber laser tube cutting system, the LT8.10, a 3D, 3 kW system for cutting a variety of materials for tube diameters up to 241.3 mm (9.5 in.).

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PFERD flap discs

July 8, 2016

The Polifan-Curve flap discs from PFERD for rough and finish grinding applications feature a proprietary design that offers users a fast, productive and economical way to go from rough grinding to smooth finishing in a single step, claims the company.

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BIG Kaiser modular face grooving tool

July 2, 2016

BIG Kaiser's new insert holders for face grooving are designed to fit the BIG Kaiser large diameter Series 318 and Series 319 SW twin-cutter boring heads for ultimate system flexibility.

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