Fronius cladding machine handles components with a diameter of up to one meter and a maximum weight of 2,500 kilogramsClick image to enlargeFronius has focused on overlay welding with its second generation of the Compact Cladding Cell.

The system enables the surfacing of a wide range of bore geometries (cylindrical, conical, multi-diameter, etc.) from a bore diameter of 25 millimeters.

It handles components with a diameter of up to one meter and a maximum weight of 2,500 kilograms, while the maximum part height of 1.4 meters can be increased to 1.9 meters.

The possible applications are diverse: riser pipes and valves for underwater components in the oil and gas industry (ie: blow-out preventer stacks), pump parts, rollers, casting molds, and other highly stressed parts.

The Compact Cladding Cell enclosure measures about 10 square metres and all components are pre-installed so it can quickly be put into operation. The entire system uses a single power supply, which makes installation much easier.

Customers can choose between the TIG hot wire and the SpeedClad Twin process. SpeedClad Twin is based on the TIG hot wire process, but with two tungsten electrodes and two wires, increasing welding speeds by up to 300 per cent compared to Fronius’conventional TIG hot wire process.

The wirefeeder with double wire option and 4-roller drive operates synchronously and delivers absolute reliability, using both the Fronius TransTig 5000 and TransTig 2200 power sources – the latter being responsible for preheating the welding wire. The two devices are required in a twin setup for the SpeedClad Twin process.

Fabrication, welding contest for students to award $3000+

Victor Technologies has launched it's "A Cut Above" 2014 student cutting and welding contest that will award more than $3000 in equipment in and cash prizes.

Pulsing Arc

by Nestor Gula

Getting a grip on pulsed TIG welding

CNC slant bed turn-mill machine

The Focus FNL-220LSY, available from Heinman Machinery, is a turn-mill slant bed machine with a 16-station turret, 8 in. hydraulic chuck for the main spindle and a 6 in. hydraulic chuck for the sub spindle. The machine is equipped with a Fanuc Oi-TF CNC control.

New laser tracker available in bundle offer

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence recently announced the launch of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960-SR, a lower-budget addition to the AT960 range of laser trackers.

Machining cell for low mix, medium to high volume parts

The Twin RoboDrill JobShop Cell available from Methods Machine Tools features two FANUC D21 RoboDrill vertical machining centres serviced by a single, articulating FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot.

Hybrid welding MetalTech report

Reducing distortion by 80-90%
Hybrid laser welding combines a high energy laser beam with conventional arc welding (commonly GMAW) to create an optimal weld pool.

End mill cuts, polishes simultaneously

Emuge Corp. has introduce the Cut & Form solid carbide finishing end mills that feature a patented tool geometry that performs two functions: cutting and polishing in one operation for cost and time savings.

Why welding matters

by Ian Campbell

TransCanada Pipeline’s government audit highlights importance of welding 

New ion air jet

Exair's new Ion Air Jet removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from parts prior to shrink wrapping, packaging, printing, painting or finishing.

London opens doors to Brose

by Tim Wilson

City supports company's $170 M investments

Getting into gear

by Tim Wilson

Quebec gear shop builds reputation for quality

3-edged threading

Tungaloy’s TungThread indexable thread turning tools now have three-edged internal threading inserts and dedicated toolholders for hole diameters as small as 7.4 mm (.291-in.). 

CanWeld Expo & Conference 2018

A national event for welding and fabricating

Lincoln Electric EVP Blankenship retires

Lincoln Electric’s Executive Vice-President and President of Americas welding segment George D. Blankenship, has retired effective May 31, 2020. 

Clamp for welders solves problem

Kant-Twist cantilever clamps from Industrial Magnetics offer advantages over standard clamps, according to the company. They're lighter, stronger and won't walk-off-centre.

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