M317OrbitalSystemClick image to enlargeAMI, a division of welding giant ESAB, has launched its Model 317 Orbital Welding Controller. 

Designed for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nuclear and premium pipe fabrication operations, the M317 offers an unrivaled user experience through an advanced touchscreen with better control of the weld, improving performance and increasing production efficiency.

Advanced touchscreen features include an automated pipe schedule generator and an editor that allows operators to adjust, fine-tune, add, delete and navigate amperage levels. Once in welding mode, a data analytics engine provides live data, while cameras offer a live view of the weld. 

Paired with ESAB’s WeldCloud and other orbital analytics, users can collect, store and manage data files locally or on the cloud.

The M317 has modules for accommodating different frequencies of data recording. For applications such as oil and gas and nuclear power, the frequency of data recording may depend on the quality of a particular component. To qualify a weld, a third party may need precise data to show there was no irregularity in the weld from the current, voltage or anywhere in the welding process.

Outfitted with upper and mid-height handles and weighing 99 lbs., it fits perfectly in hazardous fabrication conditions and extreme industrial settings that require a portable, durable system. 



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