CenterLine's PinPoint solution optimizes robot part handling for automated processesClick image to enlargeThe PinPoint Solution from CenterLine (Windsor) Inc. is a configurable machine tending solution to feed parts into robotic lines and cells designed to maximize production throughput and optimize operator utilization and part flexibility.

This intelligent machine tending solution is designed for simple integration and maintenance in numerous applications. 

It provides optimized operator utilization where one operator can load parts on more than one unit.

Parts are easily loaded on the pins and as they advance toward the robot, they find their natural orientation which positions the parts to be repeatably picked up by the robot. Its vision validation ensures the part type and location for robot pick-up. 

A few application examples where the PinPoint Solution can be used include: 

  • CNC Machine Tending
  • Build-in-sequence Traceability & Error Proofing
  • Robotic Pack-out Cells
  • Plastic Parts Post Processing. 

Getting Digital

by Kip Hanson

Three industry experts offer insights on our brave new manufacturing world

Dual beam gantry cutting machine

The TMC4500 DB is the largest machine in Messer's line of thermal cutting gantry machines. Built with a heavy duty dual box-beam, the machine is supported by 10 ft ( m) endtrucks for great stability.

Pull out protection system with special drive keys

The Safe-Lock pull out protection system from HAIMER ensures safe cutting tool clamping.

Best Practices

by Dean Elkins

Key considerations for material handling on the shop floor

Welding tractor line

Abicor Binzel has announced the launch of ABI-CAR, its first welding tractor product.

Fabricating Tech Tips: 10 Ways to Better Forming

by Andrea Bustreo

How to avoid scratches and dents when forming stainless steel

Mazak pushes digital manufacturing envelope

Mazak has a vision for the future of manufacturing that embraces the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and that vision was clearly evident at Discover 2015, an annual multi-day event held at the company's sprawling 800,000 sq ft headquarters and North American manufacturing operations in Florence, KY.

Wire feeder for robotic steel fabrication

Lincoln Electric's new AutoDrive S is a servo driven wire feed system for robotic welding cells that provides a solution for industries requiring precise automated MIG welding on steel, including trailer manufacturing, automotive and general fabrication applications.

CMTS Highlights: Sandvik Coromant "Smart Hub"

In the competitive cutting tool industry, suppliers need to set themselves apart from the competition.

Clamping system ups productivity for aerospace engine maker

A German aerospace engine manufacturer has improved machining of difficult-to-cut materials and descreased processing times because of its investment in Haimer's Safe-Lock clamping system.

Mazak webinar about MTConnect

Mazak webinar on MTConnect applications and uses. June 17, 2014.

Register for the online event.

Right On Track

by Noelle Stapinsky

Quebec-based Olympic track builder finds flexible efficiency with waterjet cutting technology

CMTS 2017

SME Canada, the organizer of the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) wants to bring attendees an innovative experience like no other in the industry.

Programming and smart manufacturing software enhanced

LVD Strippit has released a new version of its programming and shop management software, CADMAN Suite version 8.5.

A cool system

Alberta cooling systems maker improves productivity with metalworking fluid

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