Suitable for use on machines with limited power, the combination of new inserts and cutter delivers high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter.Click image to enlargeThe new Prameet stainless steel milling range from Dormer Prameet offers versatility and productivity.

Insert styles include OEHT (octagonal), REHT (round) and XEHT (wiper). The versatile design of the new double positive 45° milling cutter (S450E) allows the same cutter body to be used with both octagonal inserts for face milling and round inserts for face/copy milling applications as well as supporting internal coolant delivery.

Suitable for use on machines with limited power, the combination of new inserts and cutter delivers high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter.

It features positive axial and radial face angles for good cutting action and directing chips away from the workpiece. Available in a variety of diameters, the S450E performs well with fragile work pieces, unstable fixturing or preventing stainless steel work hardening.

Using eight cutting edges, the highest number available for positive inserts, the new OEHT (octagonal) insert features four new sharp, positive geometries for various cutting conditions:

  • MF is for finishing applications in stainless steel, mild carbon steel and non-ferrous metals
  • MM is for machining stainless steel in medium cutting conditions
  • M is with stabilizer - suitable for difficult cutting conditions in materials such as carbon steels and harder stainless steel
  • FA is for finishing and light to medium machining of non-ferrous materials

The new geometries offer reduced cutting forces and increased durability for machining with or without coolant.

PLC-based multi-process welding lathe

Mavrix Welding Automation Inc. has launched a new line of horizontal and vertical welding lathes with PLC-based controls.

Circular cold saw with variable speed drive

Scotchman Industries' American-made CPO 350VS (Variable Speed Drive) Circular Cold Saw is designed for fabricators cutting a wide range of material.

Rough it Up

by Kip Hanson

Solid carbide roughing tools are productivity’s best friend

High-precision touch sensor

High-precision metalworking tooling manufacturer BIG KAISER has introduced the Base Master Red, a high-precision touch sensor that rapidly determines workpiece offsets and tool lengths, and the Base Master Mini, a thin, compact tool offset sensor.

Six axis collaborative robot

The new six-axis HC10 collaborative robot from Yaskawa Motoman can work safely with – or close to – human operators.

AI pipe welding system

ARC Specialties has developed an artificial intelligence pipe welding system that combines AI, advanced sensors, and the UR5 collaborative robot from Universal Robots.

Ceramic flap discs on poly cotton backing

Weldcote has introduced C-Prime and C-Prime Plus flap discs.

All Hands on Deck

by Noelle Stapinsky

Old school manual rules allow an east coast machine shop to maintain its quality standards

A welcome power cut

Article courtesy of Iscar

The quest to reduce levels of power consumption in the global metal cutting sector is not a new trend; today it has become an essential technical requirement.

Figure 1

Welder designed and made in Canada for the world

The new SAE-300 MP engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric is designed for general construction and pipe welding and it's made in Canada for export around the world.

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