SWRHyperFill 1Click image to enlargeNovarc claims its recently launched SWR+HyperFill is modernizing historic welding practices, allowing pipe fabrication shops to realize higher performance and productivity, while improving their bottom line.

 SWR+HyperFill was launched after extensive independent research on welding productivity, costs, quality and efficiencies, Novarc says. It adds that its research found that substantial productivity improvements in deposition rate, deposition efficiency, and duty cycle, compared to the baseline processes, were consistently achieved.

Essentially, Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill option expands the capabilities of the company’s collaborative Spool Welding Robot (SWR) designed to collaborate with operators to automate the pipe welding process.

SWR+HyperFill is a fully-integrated dual torch system that uses Lincoln Electric’s patented twin-wire GMAW solution, HyperFill, to maximize productivity and profitability allowing fabrication shops to expand the capabilities of the SWR. The system increases heavy fabrication productivity by increasing weld deposition rates while delivering excellent weld quality.

“We wouldn’t have been able to make the lead time on the current project we are doing without the SWR - we would have probably had to outsource some of the pipe fabrication,” says Paul Hebson, VP & General Manager at Vancouver Drydock

SWR+HyperFill uses the Lincoln STT GMAW process on the root, and twin wire (HyperFill) on fill and cap passes, and it can be used on carbon steel pressure pipes or vessels with 0.5” - 2” thickness and as low as 6” in diameter. The system also has the flexibility of using root to cap GMAW or seamlessly switching to FCAW or MCAW for the fill and cap passes.

“We were shocked to see that there was a 3X increase in productivity using the SWR. But we’re also very pleased at the high level of safety it provides to our workers,” says

Peter Tuck, Regional VP, Black & McDonald.

Here is a snapshot of SWR+HyperFill benefits for pipe shops, according to Novarc:

  • Higher deposition rates and efficiencies, reducing welding times and material handling costs compared to using the sub-arc process
  • Higher production rates (lb/hr) by streamlining and simplifying production, increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Excellent weld quality
  • Increase Factored Diameter Inches (FDI) to 350-500 per shift on carbon steel pipes
  • Meet ASME Section 1X and B31.3 WPS qualification requirements
  • Achieve high toughness test results down to -50 ℉ (-45℃)
Lightweight high force reduction gear X-gun

Dengensha America’s new High Force Lightweight Reduction Gear X-Gun is effective for high strength steel applications. Lighter in weight and with a smaller frame, users can count on production efficiency. With its new high torque reduction gear, it is capable of an electrode force ranging from 4.8 to 7kN.

Enhanced weld cleaning for MIG, spot welding

Walter Surface Technologies has launched its new Surfox 205 and Surfox Mini TIG and spot weld cleaning systems.

Flux cored wire withstands 1200°F heat

New Weld Mold 5551 flux cored wire withstands extreme heat conditions for extreme welding applications by maintaining superior hardness retention in temperatures as high as 1200°F, while costing about 50 per cent less than commonly used cobalt materials, claims the company.

Portable controller for easier orbital MIG welding

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Apex 30M mechanized controller for orbital welding that offers digital control and wire feeding in a single unit.

Robotic programming for welding and plasma cutting

A case study on Quebec fabricator Groupe Gravel. How Hypertherm's Robotmaster helped the company get setup for robotic programming for cutting and welding and the benefits the company achieved.

Metal-cored wires for high strength welding

Lincoln Electric introduces the new Metalshield MC-90 and Metalshield MC-110. Both metal-cored wires are premium low alloy metal-cored wires designed to produce high strength, high toughness, and H4 diffusible hydrogen weld deposits required in many applications such as heavy equipment and crane fabrication.

Manufacturing Insights

IMTS is North America’s premier manufacturing event

FABTECH 2014: Modular workstations

Exhibitor: Bluco Corp.    Booth: C1730

Welding aluminum: Secrets to success

by Noelle Stapinsky

Welding aluminum can be tricky business, even for the most skilled welders

Quebec job shop gets government support to expand

A Quebec job shop has received financial support from Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) to help boost the company's productivity and undertake commercialization activities in the US market.

Abicor Binzel forms NA agreement with Canadian robotics firm

Abicor Binzel and Canadian robotics company Novarc Technologies, based in Vancouver, BC, have formed a North American sales agreement.

Virtual reality arc welding

The VRTEX family of virtual reality arc welding training products includes the VRTEX 360 and the VRTEX Mobile.

Welding in the arctic

By Billing Canning, CWB Group

The first joint Canadian Welding Association (CWA) and International Institute of Welding (IIW) CanWeld Conference 2014 was a great success. The conference's theme was "Welding in the Arctic" focusing on the best welding applications and advanced research topics associated with welding in sub-arctic climates.

Canada's Gold

by Andrew Brooks

Canada’s mining industry has its ups and downs, but a positive value proposition will always bring work

Welding nozzle improves weld performance

The SmartShiled welding nozzle from Laserdyne provides protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area and ehnahces laser welding capabilties of laser process systems, says the company.

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