FeaturedImage FABWheelsClick image to enlargeSaint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced its latest Norton FAB (Fixed Abrasive Buff) buffing wheels that virtually eliminate the need for buffing compounds.

Norton FAB wheels’ design incorporates abrasive grains into the buffing wheel to obtain single digit Ra values ranging from 1 to 5 Ra. The wheels are tear resistant, waterproof and durable, with significantly longer life than traditional cotton buffs.

Eliminating buffing compound is a more efficient, cleaner and safer way of buffing with less cumbersome, time consuming clean-up and post-clean-up processes, significantly impacting total cost while reducing the environmental impact of compound disposal.

A premium silicon carbide abrasive is uniformly dispersed and applied to both sides of the cloth, resulting in more consistent buffing, and they easily integrate into new or existing robotic buffing applications.

Key applications for new Norton FAB wheels include automatic or semi-automatic buffing, cut buffing and mush buffing in a wide range of markets such as automotive, hardware, oil and gas and more.

The new wheels are effective on hard alloys as well as soft metals such as aluminum and brass. Available in outer diameters from five inches to 22 inches, in 12 or 16 ply, two or four pack (waviness of the buff face) and various ID hole designs.

For more information visit www.nortonabrasives.com

Auto tool changing press brakes

LVD Strippit has expanded its ToolCell automated tool changing press brake line with the introduction of a larger capacity 220-ton model featuring a bend length configuration of 160 in. (4080 mm).

Plasma cutting system

Hypertherm has introduced a new X-Definition class plasma: the XPR170.

Aluminum cutting wheels, grinding wheels and combo wheels

Weiler Abrasives Group has introduced the new Tiger Aluminum cutting wheels, grinding wheels and combo wheels.

CAD/CAM software for multi axis laser processing

Prima Power Laserdyne has released FASTTRIM CAD/CAM software for use with its multi-axis precision laser processing systems.

High power-to-weight ratio for air plasma cutter

ESAB's Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50 is a handheld air plasma cutting system now available for purchase through traditional and online welding distributors. Cutmaster 60i weighs 37 lb and provides a rated output of 7.6 kW at 50 per cent duty cycle at 60A. It produces a recommended cut of 5/8 in., has a maximum sever thickness of 1-1/2 in., and provides the fastest cut speed at any thickness material for its class.

New press brake line with hydraulic crowning system

Piranha has launched a new line of press brakes that feature the EasyCrown hydraulic crowning system.

3D fiber laser tube cutting machine

BLM Group USA has launched a fiber laser tube cutting system, the LT8.10, a 3D, 3 kW system for cutting a variety of materials for tube diameters up to 241.3 mm (9.5 in.).

Cut burs for hard titanium alloys

PFERD Inc. has introduced Titanium cut burs, the latest addition to its high performance Carbide Bur line-up.

Automated bending with robotics

Amada’s new HG 1003 ARs utilizes the combined forces of an ultra-precise press brake and a six axis robot to achieve maximum productivity and unattended processing. Designed to handle sheets up to 991 x 787 mm (39 x 31 in.) the system’s robot can support loads up to 20 kg (44 lb).

Ergonomic press brake

The TruBend 7036 is known as an ergonomic press brake designed with adjustable foot rest and table, plus tilt control.

New generation nesting software

Hypertherm has introduced an update version of its CAD/CAM software ProNest 2015, which includes new and enahnced features.

Edge profiling technology

Hypertherm's True Bevel is a new edge profiling technology designed to help fabricators and CNC table manufacturers achieve accurate bevel cuts more easily than before.

Fast production hybrid press brake

The EVO II is a fast production hybrid press brake available from Ferric Machinery.

Press packages for modular tooling

Multicyl has introduced press packages for modular tooling.

Easier automated plasma beveling

ESAB Welding & Cutting has introduced SmartBevel technology for easier automated plasma programming and accurate bevel cutting with minimal operator intervention.

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