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Seco has further optimized the high precision reaming performance of its modular Precimaster Plus indexable head system by adding floating and adjustable shank designs to the mix.

The new floating PMX-FL and adjustable PMX-AD shanks incorporate compact, accurate internal systems that eliminate the need for special toolholders to handle their respective functions. When compared with special toolholders, these shanks offer less tool overhang by situating the reamers closer to the machine spindle noses, according to Seco.Developed for static applications, the PMX-FL shank has a mechanical built-ˇin floating

system that provides higher stability over tools with common rubber or elastomere-type technology. The PMX-AD shank for rotating applications has a mechanical internal adjustment feature that uses six screws to provide precise settings and effectively correct spindle runout down to less than five microns.

Applicable to all workpiece materials, the shanks come in four different sizes to accommodate hole diameters from 10 mm to 60.5 mm. The Precimaster Plus System includes solid-carbide disposable cutting heads, a high-precision clamping connection and common holders to achieve IT7 tolerances in blind and through-hole applications.

Fiber laser technology

Coherent has introduced CleanWeld technology, an integrated laser welding approach that reduces spatter and improves process consistency.

Improving thread milling productivity

New solid carbide end mills from Walter, the Prototyp Supreme TC610 and TC611, are high performace tools that the company says deliver increases in thread quality, milling productivity and process reliability, while boosting tool life.

Tooling for slots, shoulders, contours and pockets

ISCAR’s XQUAD extended flute milling cutters and inserts machine titanium, high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

Submerged arc welding flux for chrome-moly steels

Hobart's SWX 160 submerged arc welding flux improves weld quality on chrome-moly, creep resistant steels, says the company.

High flexibility tool grinder

Grind and re-sharpen rotationally symmetrical tools with the Walter Helitronic Raptor from United Grinding Group.

Quick-change modular tool system

Tungaloy has introduced SwissBore, a fine internal boring tool system that enables precision adjustments of tool diameters on CNC machining centres and multi-tasking machines.

Self-centering drilling heads

Iscar's Sumocham drilling heads, HCP, feature a geometry with concave cutting edges that the company says enhances self-centering capabilities of the drill.

Multifunctional indexable cutter

Big Kaiser has introduced two versions of the C-Centering Cutter, a multifunction cutter capable of spot drilling, centering and chamfering.

Zimmermann to display three new machines at IMTS 2022

Zimmermann Milling Solutions will virtually show three new gantry machines at their booth at IMTS 2022.

Hydraulic chucks for Swiss Lathes

Big Kaiser has introduced hydraulic chucks for Swiss Lathes.

Reducing slag buildup

Walter Surface Technologies' E-Weld Plasma is a new ceramic, waterbased anti-spatter solution applied to laser and plasma cutting tables to reduce slag buildup.

Low profile magnetic core drill

Fein has introduced the new Slugger JMC USA 90 low profile magnetic core drill.

Threading insert grade for critical parts and materials

Seco Tools has introduced the new TTP2050 threading insert grade.

Mitutoyo releases new version of automated CMM measurement program

Mitutoyo has released version 1.4 of its MicCat Planner for CMMs. The software generates CNC CMM measuremennt programs quickly and easily.

Direct diode laser cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has introduced the Optiplex 3015 DDL 6kW direct diode laser cutting technology.

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