Mazak's new HCN-16000Q combines part processing advantages of an HMC and a boring millClick image to enlarge

Mazak Corp.'s new HCN-16000Q horizontal machining centre, recently installed in the company's North American plant in Florence, KY, to help the company ramp up production, features a double column, quill-head design to allow the machine to perform operations of an HMC and a boring mill.

As the first in Mazak’s series of HCNs with quills, the HCN-16000Q is available in single table (open or covered) and two-pallet machine configurations. It is well suited for part production in the oil and gas industry, construction equipment, mining and farm equipment or any part production in which customers want the speed and accuracy of a Mazak horizontal machine plus the quill for long reach milling and boring operations.

For stability, reliability and accuracy, the HCN-16000Q’s double column design centers the quill head to eliminate potential problems resulting from overhang or imbalance, which are typically associated with traditional boring machines. Mazak’s double column also features a twin ballscrew-driven Y axis that eliminates the need for any type of  counterbalance mechanism. This ensures fast, precise and smooth Y axis stroke extension and retraction, says the company.

The Mazak quill features a built-in motor, high torque, direct drive, 50 hp (37 kW) spindle that puts out 1,000 ft/lbs (1,357 Nm) of torque. Mazak equips the quill with linear drive guides as well as both angular contact and roller-type bearings. Roller bearings in the front of the spindle provide stability against strong side forces from face milling or heavy roughing, while the angular contact bearings in the back support the quill’s Z axis thrust for heavy duty boring and drilling operations.

Standard tool capacity of the HCN-16000Q is 80 tools with options to increase that to 120 or 160 or incorporate Mazak’s ToolTech system. Also available is a tool changing system specifically for handling larger sized tools. The changer mounts to the machine’s pallet changer and quickly moves larger size tools in and out of the machine to speed exchanges and reduce non-cut times. Mazak also offers the machining center with an automatic attachment changer that further boosts part processing flexibility through the use of various special operation attachments such as angled heads, U-axis boring tools and facing heads, U axis OD turning heads and snout heads.

The HCN-16000Q’s 1,250 mm x 1,600 mm (49.2 x 63.0 in.) pallets accommodate workpieces up to 3,000 mm  (118.11 in.) in diameter, 2,000 mm (78.74 in.) high and weighing as much as 8,000 kg (17,636 lb) (two-PC model) and 10,000 kg (22,046 lb) (single table model). Machine axis travels measure 2,800 mm (110.236 in.) in X, 1,600 mm (63 in) in Y, and 1,850 mm (72.834 in.) in Z, while the quill W axis feed stroke is 550 mm (21.653 in.).

The new machine can be added to existing manufacturing cells, including those with dissimilar machines such as the Mazak e-Vertical and Integrex series of machines. When the machine is part of an automated Mazak Palletech cell, it further increases the cell’s overall versatility with the company's Done-in-One processing with the addition of deep boring and U axis machining capabilities.

New TRUMPF app for punching

The new PunchGuide app from TRUMPF, makes it easier to determine the calculations involved with punching. TRUMPF has packed its comprehensive expertise in mechanical engineering and punching technology into this practical app, designed for use with smartphones or tablet PCs.

Coolant-proof calipers from Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo has announced the renewal of its 500 series IP67 Absolute digimatic coolant-proof calipers.

Evaluation unit for 2D parts inspection

Heidenhain has introduced the Quadra-Chek 2000 evaluation unit.

Quick-change 5 axis workholding

Carr Lane's CL5 quick-change, five axis workholding system consists of three components: a subplate, a riser, and top tooling made up of a vise or a fixture plate. The subplate transforms a T-slot table into a modular fixturing plate, allowing flexible and easy clamping and locating of other tooling and/or fixtures. Every plate has built-in clamping and locating for risers, which allows for quick and accurate set-ups.

Circular cold saw with variable speed drive

Scotchman Industries' American-made CPO 350VS (Variable Speed Drive) Circular Cold Saw is designed for fabricators cutting a wide range of material.

Press brake for large and small jobs

Scotchman Industries new PressPro hydraulic presses are industrial-grade machines ideal for fabrication, bending and forming, straightening, assembly, maintenance operations, testing and quality control. 

Welding process adapted to work with ultra-thin materials

The Surface Tension Transfer (STT) welding process from Lincoln Electric has been expanded to work on thin-gauge materials.

Multi-tasking automation

Among the many machines Mazak spotlighted at IMTS 2012, was the Integrex i-630V that performs heavy-duty five axis cutting via high-torque turning and milling spindles. This multi-tasking machine was integrated with Mazak’s pre-engineered Palletech manufacturing system to demonstrate complete Done-In-One unattended part production. 

ESAB expands Sureweld electrode offering

ESAB has expanded the number of grades available in it Sureweld brand of Stick welding electrodes and packaged the 3/32- and 1/8-in. diameter electrodes in 1- and 5-lb. resealable plastic tubes.

CMM portal for large and small companies

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology’s Metrology Gate web portal service help manufacturers monitor and control inspection activities around the clock.

The ins and outs of thread milling

There are many elements to consider when threading a workpiece. When is a solid carbide thread mill better than an indexable? How does the workpiece material behavior impact thread milling? Understanding your program as well as diagnosing issues that arise are just as important. Luckily, thread milling can be better understood by asking five specific questions.

Robotic bending system for large parts

Amada's HG 1303 Rm robotic bending system is designed for large parts, which typically requires two operators to safely handle or are difficult to manage by a single operator.

Weld fume extraction for cobots

The 8XR MIG Extractor from Translas is made for cobot and semi-automatic welding solutions.

Two-side, one-pass deburring

The Jonsen SGB1300 automatic two-side-one-pass deburring and edge rounding machine removes sharp edges on stainless steel or and deburrs surfaces and holes in mild steel.

Shop-hardened digital readout

MetLogix Mx200 digital readouts (DRO) from the L.S. Starrett Co., are now available for its broad line of Optical Comparators.

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