In tandem with the launch of its new FLEXVOLT system, DEWALT has introduced new high-powered cordless tools.

Dewalt DCG414T1 4Click image to enlarge

When used in DEWALT 20V MAX tools, the FLEXVOLT battery provides up to 4X runtime. In addition, the FLEXVOLT battery provides more than 3X battery power versus DEWALT 18V NiCd.

  • The 60V MAX 7-1/4” circular saw (DCS575) fully utilizes the benefits of the FLEXVOLT battery.  The saw’s 7-1/4” blade and brushless motor technology offers extreme power, runtime, and durability. With a 2-9/16” depth of cut capacity, it can make up to 339 cuts per charge in 2x4 SPF lumber on a single charge with one FLEXVOLT battery. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of professional applications and with common construction materials such as oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, hardwoods, and flooring.
  • The DEWALT 60V MAX reciprocating saw (DCS388) is made for tough applications including cutting through pipe, lumber, threaded rod, OSB, duct PVC and more. Featuring a brushless motor, the reciprocating saw offers 3X the power of the 18V DCS385. Offering a 1-1/8” stroke length and 0-3,000 SPM, this saw provides fast and efficient cutting. A pivoting shoe provides leverage for a variety of applications while the saw’s bright LED work light helps to illuminate dark jobsite areas.
  • For roughing in plumbing and electrical, the DEWALT 60V MAX 1/2" VSR stud and joist drill (DCD460) is ideal for use on double, triple, four, and five 2X wood as well as engineered lumber (such as Microllam beam). Incorporating the E-Clutch System and a mechanical clutch help keep the user in control and protect the tool. The VSR Stud and Joist Drill is a DEWALT Perform & Protect tool, designed to provide a high level of control without sacrificing performance. A 2-speed transmission and VSR trigger allow the user to achieve the optimal speed for the application and the unit’s brushless motor maximizes runtime and durability.
  • The DEWALT 60V MAX 8-1/4” table saw (DCS7485) has a brushless motor providing runtime, durability, and power and covers 95% of ripping applications on a variety of materials. Using one FLEXVOLT battery, the saw can rip up to 302 linear feet per charge of 3/4" OSB material on a single charge. With a maximum rip capacity of 24” on the right side of the blade and a maximum rip capacity of 12” on the left side, the saw can easily handle full 4x8’ sheets of material. The telescoping rack and pinion rip fence adjustment allows fast, smooth, and precise adjustments while maintaining front to rear parallelism of the fence to the blade.
  • Designed for high-power cutting and grinding of structural steel, metal pipe, rebar, steel plates, and concrete, the DEWALT 60V MAX 4.5” to 6” grinder (DCG414) features a brushless motor that maximizes runtime for demanding applications allowing for up to 126 cuts of 1/2” rebar on a single charge using a FLEXVOLT battery and 6" FLEXVOLT cutting wheel . The Grinder is also a Perform & Protect tool, designed to provide a high level of tool control without sacrificing performance. Key features of the DEWALT 60V MAX* 4.5” to 6” Grinder include its Kickback Brake which automatically shuts down and slows the wheel to a stop when a wheel pinch is detected. It has power equivalent to 13 Amps or 1700 MWO (as compared to the D28144) and a brake with less than two second stop time that slows the wheel when the trigger is released.
  • The DEWALT 120V MAX 12” sliding compound miter saw (DHS790) delivers the capacity, accuracy, portability, ease of use, and durability that professionals demand. Power and flexibility for cutting framing lumber, stair tread, hardwood and crown molding are achieved either corded (AC mode with the DCA120 Corded Power Supply) for unlimited runtime or cordless (DC mode with two FLEXVOLT batteries) for portability and convenience. Using two FLEXVOLT Batteries, the 120V Max 12” sliding compound miter saw is capable of delivering up to 289 cross cuts in 3-1/4” base molding without having to find an outlet or use extension cords.
  • The 120V MAX* 12” compound miter saw (DHS716) delivers many of the same benefits. It features a maximum horizontal cross cut capacity of 10”(with back fence), vertical cut capacity of 6-1/2”, nested crown cut capacity of 6-5/8”, integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System, and stainless steel adjustable miter detent plate. The miter gauge cam-lock with push-button release and the highly visible bevel scale provide ease of use and convenience for quick and accurate adjustments.

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