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Tungaloy has expanded its DoFeed high feed milling cutter series by adding six LNMU0303UER inserts.

 DoFeed is a high feed milling cutter series featuring double-sided inserts with four cutting edges, offering a wide variety of cutter body diameters and styles.

New LNMU0303UER inserts are available in Size 03 and designed to provide long tool life. These UER inserts are interchangeable with existing ZER inserts on the same cutter body.

The new LNMU0303UER inserts are designed to provide a smaller approach angle than existing LNMU0303ZER inserts when set on the cutter body so that the insert generates thin chips. This chip thinning effect reduces cutting loads, minimizing damage on the cutting edges during machining of exotic materials for longer insert tool life. Also, a small approach angle directs the cutting forces in the axial direction towards the spindle. This amounts to less tool deflection, as there is much less radial force pushing the cutter off its center axis, enabling extremely stable long overhang machining without compromising cutting parameters.

Two chipbreaker styles are available: MJ is suited for general purpose applications and ML boasts sharp cutting edge and low cutting forces. Inserts are offered in AH3225 grade for steel, fracture-resistant AH130 grade for stainless steel and titanium alloys, and AH8015 for machining hardened steel and cast iron.

DoFeed series offers an extensive lineup of inserts and cutter bodies ranging from 16 mm to 50 mm (from .630″ to 2″) diameters to provide high productivity for a wide range of applications.

Amada launches new fiber laser equipped with Locus Beam Control technology

Amada's latest innovation is the Ventis-3015AJ, a fiber laser cutting machine equipped with the company's "Locus Beam Control" (LBC) technology.

Grinding software acts as analysis hub

The latest release of software maker ANCA’s CIMulator3D tool simulation software for grinding has an upgraded interface with fresh colors and icons and is even easier to use with intuitive functionality. 

1,500 mm x 1,800 mm micro waterjet

Micro Waterjet LLChas expanded its line of precision waterjet cutting machines with the new microwaterjet C4, designed with a footprint of 1,500 x 1,800 mm and a travel range for X and Y axes of 540 mm and 320 mm and 50 mm for Z axis.

Optimize robotic parts handling

The PinPoint Solution from CenterLine (Windsor) Inc. is a configurable machine tending solution to feed parts into robotic lines and cells designed to maximize production throughput and optimize operator utilization and part flexibility.

FABTECH 2015: Fiber laser automation

exhibitor: Amada    booth # S901

Automation will be a key focus for Amada at FABTECH. Among the technologies being showcased is the LCG 3015 AJ fiber laser cutting system equipped with the company's MPL Automation.

Optimized TIG welding

Fronius has developed a modified TIG welding process that addresses speed requirements as well as seam quality.

Production environment management software

Yaskawa Cockpit is a new software platform from Yaskawa that monitors, accumulates and visually delivers operational data in real time for networked production environments.

Fibre laser machine

The Laser Next 2141 is the new product in Prima Power’s 3D fibre laser machine range.

Narrow width parting tools

The THINBIT product line, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, offers parting inserts in narrow widths.

AH8015 PVD grade added to thread turning insert line

Tungaloy has expanded its ST-style laydown thread turning insert line of the TungThread series by adding AH8015 PVD grade option.

Hydraulic chuck

The CoroChuck 903 from Sandvik Coromant is a hydraulic chuck for milling and drilling operations.

Stand alone controller for resistance welding

CenterLine has launched VeriFast MicroView, the latest addition to its fastener detection system product line.

Eliminate need for PC card with inspection

Heidenhain now offers a new EIB 742 external interface box for position measurement. 

Pneumatic quick change pallet system

The new VERO-S NSE3 premium modules from Schunk are fully compatible with the previous VERO-S modular system.

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