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The new SwissDECO lathe from Tornos is available in four versions: SwissDECO G (gang version – showcased at IMTS), SwissDECO GA (gang version with A axis), SwissDECO T (turret version) and SwissDECO TB (turret version with B axis).

The SwissDECO is designed for a range of growing industrial segments—including automotive, medical and dental, electronics and aeronautics—thanks to its latest-generation drive technology, tooling, rigidity, and modularity. Solutions in the SwissDECO range are built on a common 36 mm base and designed and optimized with finite element method (FEM) analysis.
The SwissDECO G, with opposing gang, is equipped with nine linear axes. Equipped with a Z axis for roughing and finishing operations, frontal operations and deep drilling, this enables operations in differential mode. The SwissDECO G features three independent tool systems. These machines can also be fitted with modular, pre-adjustable tool systems and devices. Thanks to its configuration, this solution allows extremely fast chip-to-chip times. Available in 25.4 mm or 36 mm, the SwissDECO G has up to 38 tool positions, 27 of which can be live tools.
The SwissDECO range allows a high degree of automation, even when producing complex parts. Tasks traditionally requiring a human touch, such as cleaning, are minimized and others are eliminated thanks to the integration of peripherals, including a high-end chip management system.
The SwissDECO’s Industry 4.0-ready human-machine interface (HMI) enables programming to be guided by touchscreen icons. One example is automatic process optimization: once the machine is programmed, tool displacement is automatically calculated and optimized.
The potential for 24/7 autonomous production is also engineered into the SwissDECO line. The range is compatible with a wide selection of automation solutions, right out of the box, including Tornos’ new Robot Cell i4.0.

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